February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


In the Worldwide developers’ conference, Apple has brought a new offering with significant improvements on the iPadOS platform. Apple's new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 public betas can be downloaded free for any latest device.

The new iPad features include almost the same features such as the redesigned interfaces for Siri and incoming calls, updated Maps app, widget redesigns, and many more. However, iOS 14 has built on the same previous foundation but has individual, robust capabilities to be compatible with the iPad's larger display.

With the passing time, iPad iOS features will get more distinct, by adding new iPad features such as Home Screen Widgets, App Library, a new translation feature, and speed improvements & design changes add up to a sizable release.

Most Advanced iOS 14 Features

App Library with a More Organized Home Screen

Since it was first introduced on the original iPhone, the home screen has remained untouched and continued the same for long. Also, users always wished to have an app drawer like Android in the iPhones. With new iPad features, their wish has been fulfilled with an app library.

Now, users can easily remove any app from the home screen without deleting it, the app will get stored inside the new 'app Library'. The top search bar will display an alphabetical list of all installed apps, as it auto arranges all the apps on the phone. This new iPad ios feature enables the user to categories any app listed on their iPhone with ease. However, to go past, the users have to swipe from right to left in order to access the app library. Most of the iOS development services prefer this app library because of its extraordinary features.


A complete new widget look is among the iPad’s new features, in which users do not have to be envious about their android user friends. Previously, the widget was limited to the Today View and was present on the far left screen; now users can drag that into their home screen. Now 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4 space are available on the home screen for widget. However, while editing the app layout, the user has to tap on the plus sign, which is available in the top-left corner of the screen. It will show up the widget gallery and view which app widget can launch and what is being displayed at that moment.

Now Tag People in Your Text Conversation

New iPad features focus on group messages conversation, and you can tag your friends or anyone into your text conversations. Tagging someone in group conversion makes it easier, and it is as simple as typing @ symbol followed by the name. Additionally, in this iPad ios feature, contacts can be tagged explicitly in a group chat, and it will notify users even if they are on mute. This iPad’s new feature is especially useful for group chats.

Trigger Your iPhone Actions by Tapping on the Back

Back tap is a new iPad feature, which makes it possible to trigger systems by simply tapping back on the phone for twice or thrice. User can find this feature by following the steps:

  • Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.

Here it also allows you to pick the tap count, and the user can see the list of actions that they can initiate. However, the phone is much smarter in identifying the tap pattern which you have selected, so might be it will not be too easy to prompt.

Siri Your Personal Assistance

Apple's smart assistant Siri is now all set with new iPad features makeover in iOS 14. It will display as a small colourful icon and will be more conversational and being as one of the best iPad ios features; and will remember its previous tasks and commands. An entirely new app called Translate is a iPads new feature which will translate conversations in real-time and display them on the screen in real-time.

Security and Privacy

Most of the iOS app development company prefer iOS devices because of their high-security measurements. New iPad features have come with more data protection options and ensure that trackers can be blocked or exposed from the OS level. With iPad’s new features, iOS 14 is set to encounter more intelligent features when the camera, microphone, or clipboard gets accessed.

Additionally, iOS 14's security feature will gain a face analysis function, that will allow identifying individual people when they approach the camera. It has been exposed that without user knowledge, most of the apps run in the background.

However, as an advanced new iPad feature, users can see a small coloured dot on the screen if their app is running in the background. It will appear on the status bar, over the signal bars on the right side where the user can identify it by its colours. The green colour will pop up for the cameras and orange is for the microphone.

Fake Eye Contact in Facetime

Last year in the iOS 13 beta, Apple introduced FaceTime's eye contact feature, which was ultimately not released. Now in iOS 14 iPhone or iPad shall make the other person feel that users are looking directly into the camera, even if they are not looking at the screen.

Other New iPad Features for iOS 14

  • Picture-in-Picture support
  • Design changing options
  • Text-editing gestures
  • Emoji search in the keyboard
  • AirPlay 4K video
  • Picture in picture

Released on 14 September 2020, iOS 14 is all set to be freely downloaded on all compatible iPad models.

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