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Handling modern business operations to boost growth and expansion is now largely driven by technology. However, surviving and thriving in competent markets often requires businesses like yours to go beyond leveraging the latest tools. Staff augmentation is now a common practice to meet your requirements for progressive platforms, software integrations, or project deadlines that seem unachievable.  

This engagement model allows you to hire remote developers from multiple locations at your convenience and there are different types to it - offshore and nearshore staff augmentation. While we have discussed the former in our previous blogs, we decided to direct your attention towards nearshore staff augmentation in this one. 

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?  

Staff augmentation allows companies like yours to identify talented individuals or teams from IT companies for long-term assignments of IT projects. These augmented teams or individuals work like a part of your own. Staff augmentation is especially useful when you don’t have specific skill sets within in-house teams or need more individuals to handle large projects and deadlines.  

Nearshore staff augmentation means hiring talent from specific areas or countries that are geographically close to yours. Unlike offshore staff augmentation, this one lets you hire professionals within your time zone and cultural alignments. 

For example, if your business is located in the United States, you should consider hiring augmented staff from Latin American companies. 

Partnering with other teams helps you empower your own with more manpower and excellent skills without the hassle of traditional recruitment. 

7 Key Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

The fact that you can skip the complicated process of permanent hiring itself makes nearshore IT staff augmentation a favorite model. But you surely get a lot more with it. Let's understand the benefits of nearshore staff augmentation.

Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Handle Skill Gaps And Staff Shortages 

Your in-house team is excellent for sure. However, the demands of specific projects or too many tasks and deadlines can sometimes surpass your available workforce. Collaborating with a nearshore team offers a reliable solution, to meet workforce requirements and fulfill pending tasks without replacing your existing team members.

Augmenting your team with experienced professionals from nearshore partners ensures a seamless integration into your workflow. Their expertise aligns with your team dynamics, adeptly navigating various personalities and work methodologies that mirror your organization's environment.  

Easy Access To Pre-Vetted Talents 

Nearshore staff augmentation is a reliable alternative if you are giving importance to permanent hiring. It opens doors for pre-screened, experienced, and trained developers to become a part of your teams and projects. All this can be done without months of interviews, background checks, etc. 

You can welcome superior technologies into your team’s skill set while also ensuring that the developers are aware of local work styles and cultural preferences. Even when your team already has requisite skills, experienced nearshore developers will only add stars to your ratings.  

Cost Effectiveness 

While hiring nearshore developers may not bring about a big difference in prices, nearshore staff augmentation is still a cost-efficient way to scale your team. With staff augmentation, companies like yours can save a minimum of US$ 5,025.74 to a maximum of US$ 18,897.21 per person. 

Permanent hiring for temporary projects only increases your liability in the form of salaries and onsite training. Instead, looking for experienced developers from IT staff augmentation companies like Narola Infotech not only lets you hire at your convenience but saves costs with reliable skills and a plan of action.  

Language Proficiency 

Linguistic barriers often disrupt clear communication and seamless collaboration in remote hiring models. However, that would not be the case with nearshore staff augmentation. The professionals are all aware of your language and cultural preferences and mostly excel at using them the best. It’s relatively easier for such teams or individual developers to immerse in your existing teams to accomplish goals and reflect visible results.  

Time-Zone Alignment  

Unlike the offshore model, nearshore staff augmentation doesn’t require extra effort from teams to ensure collaborative work hours. Thanks to overlapping time zones! The augmented team is likely to work from a location with matching time zones even if you pick them from a neighboring country. This simplifies a lot of plans and facilitates the better execution of tasks. 

Furthermore, nearshore staff augmentation facilitates collaboration that extends beyond time zone alignment.  The geographical proximity allows for easy accessibility and frequent in-person collaboration, fostering a stronger sense of teamwork. It is thus, a practical solution for businesses seeking efficient and effective project execution.

Expedite Work To Meet Deadlines 

As said earlier, staff augmentation facilitates meeting tight deadlines by scaling the team with experienced developers and other IT professionals. This model saves a lot of your time, unlike onsite, in-house hiring which often takes weeks or months. You can onboard an extended team or individual talents with minimal documentation since they are already a part of a reliable software development company. 

When your team has multiple priorities in terms of project deadlines, you can assign tasks to the remote team, freeing up your in-house team for core operations and decision-making. Thus both teams can collaboratively help you meet project deadlines and achieve desired goals. 

Customizable Team Extension  

While in-house hiring only seems suitable for long-term requirements, nearshore staff augmentation lets you find a customizable extension for your team. With this model, you can scale your team as and when needed. Whether you have short-term or long-term requirements; whether you need an individual developer or an entire team, you can hire developers at your convenience. 

Unlike traditional on-site hiring, this model saves a lot of time, effort, and resources. You only have to pay the extended team for the signed duration or project and have the right to discontinue services when you don’t need them. Who would like to remunerate extra employees after all? 

Examples Of Companies That Chose Nearshore Staff Augmentation 

Some popular companies chose nearshore staff augmentation for their software development projects. A few of them are: 




Uber's development of its core mobile app 

Uber needed to rapidly develop and scale its mobile app to support its growing user base and global expansion.

Uber partnered with a nearshore software development company in Latin America to augment its in-house team. The team provided them with access to a pool of skilled developers with experience in mobile app development. They were able to successfully develop and launch its core mobile app on time and within budget.    



Streaming entertainment 

Netflix's development of its recommendation algorithm

Netflix needed a sophisticated recommendation algorithm to provide its users with personalized content suggestions.

Netflix joined hands with a nearshore software development company in Eastern Europe to augment its in-house team of skilled data scientists and machine learning engineers. Netflix’s recommendation algorithm was successfully developed and deployed. It has become a key driver of user engagement and retention.   




Airbnb's development of its global payment platform

Airbnb required a secure and scalable payment platform to support its global operations.

With the help of a nearshore software company in Latin America, Airbnb onboarded software engineers with experience in payment processing. Its global payment platform has enabled the company to expand into new markets and continue its rapid growth. 

Nearshore Staff Augmentation To Scale Your Team 

Nearshore Staff Augmentation is a smart decision that large companies and SMBs can make to meet their project goals cost-efficiently. it may be a suitable solution for many companies to streamline workflows and access tested and experienced professionals. However, clear planning, reliable guidance, and a trustworthy staff augmentation partner have important roles to play.  

Have questions regarding staff augmentation? Want to know what’s the most suitable hiring model for you? Feel free to contact us!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Nearshore staff augmentation involves hiring skilled professionals or teams from neighboring or nearby countries to work remotely on projects for your company. This model offers proximity, similar time zones, and often cultural alignment.

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