January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


More inventions create confusion and same is the case with hybrid and native app. However, developing the alternative remain the need of the hour, and for the same reason, a new approach is now been considered in the app development. But, one must also understand that comparison between hybrid and native app is not more than waste of time as we cannot end declaring one among them as winner because both have their key benefits in different segments. Now, it depends upon the nature of the business which ultimately decide what kind of app will be more suitable for it.

Before, we look into core segments of the businesses, it is good to have an overview on hybrid apps and native apps.

Hybrid Apps

These are the apps that run on all popular mobile platforms. Basically, the code augmentation, web developer code are merged with native SDK to make an existing app running on different mobile platform. It does not require great expertise to develop a hybrid app and can be created in quick succession of time.

Native Apps

Native apps are dedicated to a particular mobile platform, like – Android, iOS, RIM et-cetera. This require core knowledge of the native platform along with key expertise in respective programming language. They need to be created fresh from the scratch and hence, require a good time to get developed.

Key Factors


If you are looking to get an app in less period of time, then you should go for hybrid apps. They can be created in short span of time and that too without any compromise with the features and functioning. While on the other hand, native apps take a bit more time in getting developed and in order to develop them really fast, you may require to compromise with the quality.

User Experience

If you want to create a great app using experience among your target audience then you must go for native apps. The native apps are designed as per the standard of the particular mobile platform and hence, provide better and seamless experience to the users. At other side, hybrid apps are derived from other platform and are fitted into a new platform. Thus, they lack rich user experience.

Type of App

If you are looking ahead to develop a heavy app, then native app should be your choice as the same can run flawlessly and without any error on the mobile platforms of your choice. Hybrid apps are suggested if you want to develop a lightweight app. They can run smoothly on all mobile platforms.


If your app is subjected to upgrade in quick succession of time, then hybrid can be the best for you as they can be upgraded directly from the web, you need not to create a newer version. However, native apps demand for a newer version development from the scratch in order to offer upgrade to the users.


It is the key player in deciding the type of application that you need to choose. If you are having good budget along with better resources, you can definitely go for native apps. But, if you have less budget and resources then hybrid apps can be suitable for you.

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