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WordPress is the most important platform for content creators, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who want to establish their identity on the web. It is user-friendly and has all the important e-commerce tools and features required to develop an online store. There are powerful plugins and extensions that you get with WordPress. The most crucial part is to choose the right plugin, as a better platform means more opportunity for growth.

Some WordPress Ecommerce Plugins are perfect for selling digital goods, while some focus on selling physical products and services. So selecting a plugin is no child’s play.

Below are the most powerful e-commerce plugins for WordPress.


It is the best and most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WordPress was acquired by Automatics (WordPress creators) in 2015. WooCommerce gives complete control over the content that the web developers and store owners sell on their website. There are hundreds of free and premium themes and extensions available for WooCommerce to enhance the functionality of your web store. WooCommerce supports the selling of both digital and physical goods and services. It has Envira’s Gallery eCommerce API integration to sell images online. WooCommerce lets you add affiliate and external products to the website. It has built-in support for popular payment gateways and you can also add other payment options with the help of extensions. It calculates shipping and taxes too.

WP eCommerce:

It is a most powerful and highly functional WordPress eCommerce plugin. It helps you to create an online store in a matter of minutes similar to the best eCommerce website builders. It has a shipping feature and an inbuilt inventory management system for your products on your website. WP eCommerce has 30,000+ active installs to date, and some of the users have even migrated from WooCommerce. It supports almost all WordPress themes and is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac devices. The interface can be customized by tweaking HTML5, meta tags, and CSS stylesheets. This eCommerce plugin supports the sale of digital as well as physical products with multiple payment gateway plugins and extensions available.

Ecwid eCommerce

It is one of the fastest growing ecommerce plugins for your WordPress store. This plugin has around 20,000+ active installs and is constantly growing. The plugin upgrades automatically, so you don’t need to worry about constantly upgrading it. It supports over 40 payment gateway options. It provides SSL security to enhance the credibility of the online store. Ecwid supports 45 languages and provides round-the-clock technical support. Although the plugin is free, it also has a paid version that provides advanced tools for enhancing the online store.

Easy Digital Downloads:

As the name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads is a complete ecommerce solution that provides the facility to sell digital products such as eBooks, apps, images and more. This plugin provides you will all the add-ons and features required to set-up and run your virtual store in one place. It is a useful tool for new users who need guidance on how to add, display and manage products easily. This plugin supports almost all the WordPress themes, in fact, you even get an incredible collection of inbuilt ecommerce templates which are specially designed for this plugin.

iThemes Exchange

This plugin was developed by the creators of the BackupBuddy plugin. It promises the same efficiency and utility. It has a growing community and is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs. It supports selling of both physical and digital products. So it has an easy and quick one-click installation process which doesn’t require any technical expertise. After the registration process, you will be taken to the setup wizard where you need to specify the nature and scale of your business. Most of the plugins charge $40-$80 for Stripe add-on. iThemes Exchange ecommerce plugin provides this add-on free and for unlimited sites.

With an incredibly WordPress plugin, you can easily develop stunning websites for your business, leveraging all kinds of shopping carts, marketing, and SEO functions easily.

So select the best plugin suitable to your business from the above list. All these plugins are tremendously powerful.

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