February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store is full of wonders. But many of its innovative mobile apps remain undiscovered because they are not eye-catching enough, not PR-friendly enough or just not lucky enough. This list includes lesser-known innovative Android and iOS apps which are amazingly creative.

Most Innovative Apps for Android and iOS:

Be My Eyes (iOS, Android)

This tops the list of undiscovered and most innovative mobile apps. Be My Eyes is improving the lives of people in meaningful ways. This app has helped hundreds and thousands of blind people around the world. It is a micro-volunteering app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers through a live video chat. Volunteers get notified when someone needs help and a live video chat connection is established. Through the live video chat, the volunteer can answer any question that the blind person has. It is a free app and available 24/7.

Secret Escapes (iOS, Android)

If you are a fan of deal apps and site, then Secret Escapes is just for you. It offers deals all around the world for up to 70% off of the original price. It is free which also offers an offline mode so you can select reservations even when you are not online, plus you can set reminders for upcoming sales. You can select from hand-picked hotels and holiday destinations up to a year in advance. Be inspired of great recommendations and make use of the last-minute feature for those quick weekend getaways. Never miss a holiday now.

Drupe(iOS, Android)

This is an amazing contacts, dialer, and a call recorder app. Not only this, but it has many more exciting features. It brings the contacts and apps on one screen. Swipe any contact or group to the chosen app. After installing Drupe, you’ll see four dots on the screen which you’ll have to swipe to select the contact and the app through which you want to communicate with him/her. It has a built-in call recorder, caller ID to track and block spam calls and a theme gallery. This app supports 17 languages.

Word Lens (iOS, Android)

Word Lens is now available as a part of Google Translate. It is a powerful application which translates any sign/text into your chosen language using your phone camera. It does not require an internet connection. Simply point your phone camera to the sign or text and it will automatically translate it for you in your selected language.

CamMe (iOS)

It is named as the Most Innovative App by the Mobile World Congress 2014. CamMe is a selfie app which utilizes hand gestures. Just raise your hand, make a fist to begin the countdown (triggers a three-second shutter time) and take a selfie from up to 16 feet away without even touching your device. It is an excellent selfie app in iOS.


Nowadays mobile app development services are in demand in the market and there are millions of Apps that make life easier everyday. But it is very tough to be known or popular for every apps, in such a huge competition. Above mentioned apps are really innovative and creative ios and android apps, try using those apps.

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