January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


Media and entertainment are considered as the main part of a nation’s economy. Also, it is one of the most loved sectors. The improvement and progress in this segment have been seen throughout its evolution. The most radical changes have been brought in recent years. The involvement of mobile application development and technologies in India has helped this sector a lot in becoming a better version of itself. The adoption of technology has been in all the departments of this industry. Let us have a look at the key areas where it has brought the maximum changes:


The entertainment industry cannot run without promotion. It is similar to oxygen to them. Mobile technology helped them a lot in this particular section. Digital marketing & promotion has taken over the traditional marketing methods, which is positive news for them as they are getting better results.


Media is all about the wider reach. The mobile technology has enabled them to reach to the least accessible corner. We are now able to see the reports from highly rural areas within fraction of seconds it is all because of the involvement of the mobile technology. It has made the media a lot more vibrant.


It is one of the biggest factors when it comes to media & entertainment industry. The quality has been drastically increased since the introduction of the mobile technology. In the previous decade, the quality was not at par but it has gradually increased.


Mobile technology has added wings to the said industry to get as creative as they can. It has leveraged them with several features that can boost them to extend the level of innovation. This also allow them to make their several imagination come true which was previously not even possible.

There are several other areas which are also positively affected by technology. We will cover the same in the next part of the blog which will be a bit more technical and more a kind of inside story.

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