January 19, 2021

Leena Sanap


There are a lot many mobile apps developed by IT companies on the Play Stores which are not well constructed and hence, do not function well. One will be surprised to know that most of these apps belong to business individuals. Now, you can imagine what loss they might be going through because of improper mobile application development. However, most businessmen do not understand the disadvantages associated with these apps, which are as follows.

Bad Brand Impact

When an application with any of the above-mentioned flaws interacts with the target audience it creates a bad impression of the brand on the minds of the people. No matter how good you are in your business; in this technical era – you must have a sound online mobile presence to win the heart of your customers.

Losing Fan Base

When the mobile application does not offer promising features and help to your users, they start losing interest in your business and opt to use other brands providing a quality mobile app to interact with the business. This way you end up getting away from your target audience.

Ill Effect on Sales

Such applications also put a negative impact on sales. These apps misbehave when a client tries to place an order or try to gather some information. Thus, users shut them off and look for another option to make a deal. Thus, you lose ‘n’ number of these kinds of deals in a day which eventually results in ‘sales falling down.

Loss of Money

You must have paid a good amount of money to the developers for creating the app. But the investment goes into vain as the app is not functional.


Investment in such applications results in zero return on investment as they do not meet the purpose they are created for and hence, are a complete loss for the business individuals. In fact, such mobile apps also affect on-site sales.

Diminishing Reputation

When you do not have a sound presence of your business online, your reputation gets at a stake and if not taken proper action in time, it earns you a bad name in the market.

There are other cons as well which are the by-products of the ones mentioned above. For this reason, you need to hire a good developer of mobile applications that can fix the flaws in them and can revive them for the business individuals so that they can use the same for their benefits.

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