January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


Mobile apps are ruling our life by accomplishing our daily activities in just one click. Whether it is for food or buying a luxury item, we are dependent on mobile apps in many ways. The increase in demand for innovative apps is changing the trends for mobile app development.

It is evident from the Google play store – that introduces us to plenty of new apps every day. In this blog, I am going to highlight the latest mobile app development trends to watch out in 2018.

1) Augmented reality (AR) apps

AR apps excellently combine the real and virtual world to enhance the user experience. This new app trend is undoubtedly going to be a billion dollar market.

AR allows us to play realistically with Pokemon using the AR app ‘Pokemon Go’. Similarly, Snapchat is another AR app that facilitates turning your face into any animal. Not only this, you can add new stories, make unlimited connections and watch activities of people all around the world. Isn’t it exciting to know about AR mobile apps?

2) Android instant apps

Instant apps are the must-have apps in Androids as they consume less space, have a fast user interface. The best thing is they add more convenience to your life. You can access these newer version apps without installation and try them before download.

The NYTimes crossword and Buzzfeed are pioneers considering the functionality and increase in daily view sessions. These apps are compatible with all versions of Android and hence are new targets for many small businesses.

Cloud technology gives us secured life by preventing the data breach and eliminating redundancy issues. These apps are fast, perform seamlessly on any platform and provide us with useful tools for software development.

Cloud-based apps are productive for business as one can deploy hundreds of updates. The popular cloud-based app Microsoft Office 365 is giving access without a license, which is the reason behind its popularity.

Similarly, cloud-based apps like LinkedIn, FreshersWorld, Shine are considered very beneficial for job seekers. If you want an app with upgraded video calls and document sharing features, UberConference is best in facilitating business team for the webinar.

4) On-demand apps

There is a great demand for on-demand apps. The mobile app development is rising at a fascinating rate for its potential for on-the-go marketing. On-demand apps are solving the fundamental problems of our life while increasing the business revenue.

Uber and Netflix have already set an example with their flexible plans, scalability, personalized experience and outstanding user base. Along with Airbnb, there are many on-demand apps that will thrive in 2018.

5) Accelerated mobile pages or AMP

AMP project based on basic JavaScript code and HTML is an innovative option for increasing business sales and ROI. AMPs are revitalizing the experiences of mobile users by syndicating web pages on smartphones – but not without Google’s discretion.

AMP fulfills the demand for ‘speed’ with quicker page loads and fast delivery of content. It not only ensures high accessibility, optimized data consumption, usability – but significantly enhances the SEO of a page.


The above in mobile app development trends are likely to give a new shape to the app market in 2018. Marketers must leverage these technologies for upgrading their apps. For mobile app developers, it is the new arena for rigorous business initiatives.

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