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“What are the best mobile app development ideas in the healthcare industry?” This is one question we are asked a lot these days. And quite rightly so. Over time, healthcare and medical consultation moved from clinics to smartphones and video chats. As a mobile app development company, we can certainly assist you with some lucrative ideas for a thriving healthcare venture. 

In this blog,  
Is it worth investing in healthcare development software?
Who should invest in healthcare apps? Why? 
What is the future of healthcare startups?  
What are some of the best ideas for healthcare mobile apps? 

Is It Worth Investing In Healthcare Development Software? 

Even before the pandemic, the mobile healthcare market was expanding rapidly. In fact, post-pandemic telemedicine software usage was 23 times higher than pre-pandemic levels. People are becoming more concerned about their well-being. Without a doubt, this is an excellent time to enter the industry.   

In 2018,  one of the experts said, 

"Mobile healthcare apps have the potential to improve patients' overall wellness as well as their ability to manage chronic conditions. This will result in lesser hospital readmissions. Organizations can significantly reduce patient costs by using such apps."  

In the current situation, more and more patients prefer convenient medical consultations via mobile apps. Thus, existing Healthcare software development company must develop excellent digital solutions in order to remain competitive in the industry. 

mhealth market size - healthcare app ideas

 As the image above states, the global mHealth market is expected to reach up to USD 340.5 billion by 2030. Thus, the future for healthcare apps looks bright.  

By using mobile apps as a channel, hospitals, wellness centers, doctors, and medical practitioners can provide the best services to their patients at lower costs. mHealth and wearables entrepreneurs can also look for valuable app ideas and build their own to serve a larger customer base.   

Who Should Invest In Healthcare Mobile Apps?  

  • Hospitals and Wellness Centers 
  • Doctors, Physicians, and Medical Practitioners 
  • mHealth Entrepreneurs  
  • Wearables Manufacturers 
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Top 15 Healthcare App Ideas for Startups Business 2024

In the course of offering mobile app development services across industries, we continually receive many queries from clients. One of them being ideas for successful apps, we decided to share some of the most lucrative mobile app ideas for healthcare startups in the future.    

Top Mobile App Ideas for Healthcare Startup Business

Mental Health App 

Lifestyles and routines have changed dramatically over the last decade as a consequence of global evolution. A large number of people began to experience mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and others. According to a 2020 study, 1 out of every 5 adults in the United States had mental health issues. 

In this fast-paced world, developing an app that helps people stay mentally fit and relieve stress is a fantastic idea. Using AI to improve your app's intelligence will make tracking mood, sleep, and anxiety levels easier while providing appropriate wellness coaching. 

You and your development partner can broaden the scope of your app by providing music therapy or a platform for connecting with like-minded people. In this manner, your app will not only track and identify problems but will also direct the user to a solution.    

Healthcare Monitoring App 

Such apps are typically used to track chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood sugar levels, cancer, blood pressure, and so on. They help doctors and medical professionals keep track of all their patients. They can easily manage and store medical history details for patients, which they can then utilize for prescriptions and treatment.  

We worked on a similar project earlier. The app was supposed to store the medical details of elderly patients. With this app, the entire medical staff was able to maintain and update patients’ details in a better way and suggesting appropriate treatment got easier.  

To know more about this healthcare monitoring app – View Case Study  

Sleep App 

Are you happy with how you slept the night before? If you answered YES, you must be extremely lucky. Sleeping disorders have become a common problem among most adults. 

sleep app tracking - healthcare app ideas

An app that tracks the users’ sleep and lets them know ways to make it more restful would be worth an investment. Such an app shall provide solutions to one of the greatest troubles most adults face due to fast-paced routines stuck on screens. A lot of them lack a healthy diet, are prone to bad mental health, and more. While all these affect sleeping patterns for an individual, your app can tell them to find a fix. 

For personalized solutions and interactive features, you can collect details that let you know a user’s routine and integrate relaxing music playlists. Doctors and entrepreneurs can invest in apps like these to interact with users and get better gains in the future.  

Pharmacy Delivery App 

Assume you're new in town and feeling ill. Even though you have a prescription, the best medical store is several miles away. Perhaps another store is nearby, but the prescribed medications are out of stock. Would you be willing to drive all the way long?  

Someone who’s sick probably needs help and won’t necessarily be in the condition to go out to buy medicines. As a patient, you’ll lack necessary services and as a pharmacist, you may be unreachable to your potential customers. 

A pharmacy management app that provides appropriate prescription and medicine delivery to patients is something useful and high in demand. The surge in demand for such apps is quite reasonable after the lifestyle we all adopted during COVID-19.  Everybody now wants services in the comfort of their home and medicine delivery is one of those. 

With the help of a reliable mobile app development agency, you can come up with more interactive features according to your clientele. 

Personal Medical Record App

People are increasingly turning to mobile apps for their daily personal needs. A personal medical record app would be similar to a personal diary that users could keep with all of their important medical information. Such apps could be especially beneficial to the elderly and those who struggle to preserve their hospital documents.

With our mobile app development services, you can host a feature-rich app that greatly benefits users while also earning a good profit for you. 

Addiction Recovery App   

People are increasingly turning to mobile apps for their daily personal needs. A personal medical record app would be similar to a personal diary that users could keep with all of their important medical information. Such apps could be especially beneficial to the elderly and those who struggle to preserve their hospital documents.

With our mobile app development services, you can host a feature-rich app that greatly benefits users while also earning a good profit for you.   

When it comes to addictions, we don't have to look any further than ourselves. Every one of us is addicted to something or someone. While this is normal, some addictions can turn your life upside down and keep you from being your best self. 

Most of the world’s young population is addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, phones, social media, and many more elements that are hazardous. While an app may not fully eradicate such addictions, it can be a significant initiative. With some smart and effective features, an app can help those who are willing to break the cage of unhealthy habits. 

Hospital Finder App 

Your app can be a platform for such individuals where they can connect with similar users, share their experiences and get motivated. You can also introduce the chat feature to let them connect with experts and seek professional help.   

Finding a suitable hospital or specialist in a nearby area can be difficult at times. Many people move between cities and countries for work or other reasons. While getting to know a place takes time, medical emergencies are unpredictable.

In such cases, an app that lists hospitals and medical specialists in a specific area could be extremely useful. Users can search for hospitals in their desired locations, learn about the diseases they treat, and check their availability. With some thoughtful features and excellent execution, you can create an app that is a one-time solution for finding hospitals anywhere, at any time.  

Appointment Booking App 

These on-demand doctor apps focus on making things easier for both doctors and patients. Many doctors choose to create their own appointment booking apps in order to easily manage their patients while informing them of important details such as availability, timings, and so on. Getting appointments via apps is easier for the patients as well.  

You can also create an app that acts as a social platform for patients to find doctors based on their medical condition. Doctors can update their availability status, and patients can schedule appointments accordingly.   

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Women’s Wellbeing App 

Clearly, men and women have different healthcare issues and requirements. You can invest in a women's well-being app to address issues specific to women's health. Your app can track menstrual cycles and notify users about self-care, pregnancy, and other relevant information. Implementing features that allow women to connect with the best gynecologists and assist in the timely diagnosis and treatment of PCODs or other chronic diseases such as breast cancer would be beneficial.  

Medicine Price Comparison App 

Many patients are concerned about the cost of their medications, and pharmacy stores sell the same medications at different prices. A medicine price comparison app can help people in locating the best prices for their prescribed medications. Such an app would list all pharmacies that sell the required medication as well as their prices. Patients can even find the nearest stores using features such as location and distance tracking.  

Air Quality & Allergy Tracker App

This app gathers data on air quality and pollen levels in the user's area, providing personalized alerts and recommendations for individuals with allergies or respiratory problems. It can offer guidance on managing symptoms and choosing appropriate medication.

Meditation & Mindfulness App

This app provides guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and breathing techniques to help users manage stress, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being. It can also offer educational content about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Home Exercise & Therapy App

This app caters to individuals seeking to exercise or perform physical therapy at home. It can offer guided video instructions for various exercises, tailored to different fitness levels and rehabilitation needs.

Healthcare Education App

This app aims to educate users on various health topics and conditions, providing reliable information from verified sources. It can offer interactive learning modules, quizzes, and access to health news articles and expert videos.

Symptoms Identifier App 

All chronic diseases are accompanied by a variety of symptoms over time. Identifying these symptoms at the right time and making appropriate lifestyle changes or treatments can help people in combating diseases such as brain tumors, spinal diseases, and more. You can raise users' awareness of their physical health by creating a feature-rich symptoms identifier app. Your app can detect potential healthcare issues and recommend solutions based on the symptoms they are experiencing. Most importantly, such apps will notify the user as soon as they need to see a doctor. 

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Turn Healthcare App Ideas into Successful Businesses with Narola Infotech 

You could be a doctor, pharmacist, physician, medical practitioner, or non-medical businessman looking to make your mark on the healthcare industry. Regardless, in this digital realm, you need an excellent digital platform to ensure that your services reach potential customers. As a leading mobile app development company USA, we always advise our clients to take their businesses online. 

Your decisions, however, must always be based on research, logic, and intuition. The list of mobile app ideas above can help you brainstorm solutions to help your business grow. Moreover, before you begin developing an app, keep an eye on industry trends and what your potential customers want. Even when developing an app for internal or self-use as a medical professional, you must be clear about the functions it should perform. This will prevent a lot of chaos. 
Are you looking for reliable development services? We are a team of business analysts, skilled developers, and quality assurance experts who go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. Hire our mobile app developers and see your project succeed.

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