March 29, 2022

Ifrah Khan


Technology has brought a worldwide change in the health industry. Today, we can book our appointments on a mobile app. Monitoring health metrics has become far easier with wearables. Complex surgeries can be performed with ease using laser and evolving technologies. As technology advances, the need for mobile app development in the healthcare industry is only going to increase.

Traditionally, the Healthcare industry suffered from inefficiency and little progress. Software and Mobile Application Development has transformed healthcare by leaps and bounds. Mobile apps have also played a significant role in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before we deep dive into Mobile App Development and its role in healthcare software development, let's understand the challenges faced by the industry.


1) High Expenses - The skyrocketing expenses of medicines and hospitals take a toll on every family. There are multiple stakeholders involved, namely the hospitals, government, insurance agencies, etc. Due to this, the end customers cannot reap the benefits.

2) Issues with Inventory - Since its inception, the Healthcare industry has faced the issue of choked inventories. The only way to mitigate this situation is by automating the inventory management through a Mobile App Development solution.

3) Manpower Shortage - There is a severe shortage of medical professionals worldwide. Coupled with increasing life expectancy and low infant mortality rates, the number of doctors per patient ratio has seen a significant dip.

4) Data Security - In the current era, it's vital to realize the confidentiality of patient data. With the help of Mobile App Development Services and cloud storage, developers can digitize and secure patient data.

5) Error-prone Databases - Most medical institutions still rely on outdated technologies for maintaining data.

Hospitals must upgrade to modern databases like MySQL and MongoDB for better performance and security.

How Mobile App Development can Transform the Healthcare

No doubt, the Covid crisis has been quite detrimental to our lives. But, it has also opened doors for the digitalization of various services. Be it digital wallets, online purchase of groceries, work from home solutions, there are tons of Mobile App Development solutions we use daily.

The healthcare industry, too, can leverage the benefits of Mobile App Development. These apps provide a way to digitize patient history and maintain reports. You can purchase health products or book appointments online at your fingertips. Also, there are apps like E-Clinics, to ease the diagnosis of non-emergency cases for medical personnel.

Doctors can video conference with their patients who require advice regarding diet and prescription changes. It has dual advantages - first, the patient can get medical reports from the comfort of their homes, and secondly, the hospitals can manage their workforce more efficiently. Monitoring health metrics has become easy with wearables and healthcare apps.

Mobile apps also solve the issue of choking hospital inventory. These platforms can keep track of logistics like bed availability and other resources. This data is updated in real-time, without any human dependency, and ensures proper assets utilization, reducing expenditure and less workforce.

Different Types of Mobile App Development Purposes


Let's explore how the Mobile App Development Company can revolutionize the health care sector:

1. Monitor Patient's Health

Wearable devices have made a significant change in the health sector. Users can easily connect fitness bands to their phones via health apps and monitor several health metrics. You can keep track of the number of steps you walk, your sleep cycle, and the diets you consume. 

It aids doctors and patients by providing real-time access to patients' records, past medical history, etc. Also, many high-tech devices can monitor heart rate, blood pressure levels, glucose levels, etc.

2. Online Healthcare Products

Today, you can purchase medicines as well as other health care products via a mobile app. All you must do is upload an authentic doctor's prescription and get it verified.

You no longer need to wait for the payment in a long queue. Make instant and secure payments through the mobile healthcare app. With the help of mobile app development, you can also find a good doctor, book an appointment, as well as pay online. You can do all that from the comfort of your home.

3. Online Appointments

You no longer need to wait in a long queue and make doctor appointments. In this digital era, all you need is a smartphone. Moreover, Patients can easily book a consultation with the doctor online through the app or 24*7 call service.

Also, doctors can get in a video conference with their patients who require advice regarding diet and prescription changes. It has dual advantages - first, the patient can get medical reports from the comfort of their homes, and secondly, the hospitals can manage their workforce more efficiently.

4. Accurate Reports

The medical reports prepared manually are prone to errors. But, with the advent of machine learning techniques and analytics in the health industry, these cases have reduced drastically.

Today, even the medical industry looks to hire Mobile application developers for reliable healthcare app development. You can also access your medical history using the app itself.

5. Choose Your Doctor

Thanks to mobile app development, patients have access to all the information required before booking an appointment. From doctor's rating, charges, years of expertise, etc., you can also go through testimonials from other patients before making an informed decision.


Final Words

To sum up, the Mobile App Development solution has brought a significant change in digitizing health care. Developing an amazing healthcare solution with a professional and experienced mobile app developer team is a cakewalk. We at Narola Infotech are empowering healthcare services by providing them with scalable, secure, and reliable health apps.

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