May 8, 2023

Mrunali Gaikwad


Whether you are a large organization or a startup, saving money hurts no one, especially if you are building a mobile app. Since most of the world now runs digitally, it makes sense if you want to leave a digital imprint of your business. But that doesn’t mean you should burn a hole in your pocket to develop it.

Mobile app development doesn’t need to be costly. There are many ways you can reduce its cost. We are going to discuss some of those points in this article, so buckle up!

Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs 

Over all these years of developing software solutions for various industries, we’ve witnessed how poor budget planning can ruin the potential of a great app idea. However, paying attention to several aspects of your development project can help reduce overall costs significantly.

7 Effective Ways Cut Down Mobile App Development Costs

Prepare a Project Requirement Document

One thing that is common in both large organizations and startups when starting development is efficient planning. You must follow this approach to list down all possible expenditure to avoid any unwanted spending later.

For this, you must create a PRD (Project Requirement Document). A PRD is a structured document that explains what the software or app will accomplish and how it will work. It also outlines the functionality that the product must have to meet the needs of all stakeholders (business and users). Almost all mobile software development companies use this.

We have mentioned the key components of a PRD below: 

  • Product Idea and Purpose
  • App Features and Platforms
  • UI/UX Design Requirements
  • Project Milestones and Timelines
  • Estimated Budget

A well-defined PRD aids in the alignment of marketing and development departments. It also determines whether you are ready to move on with app development or need to spend more time on research.


PRD can help you reduce your mobile app development cost associated with a lack of communication between different teams. It will also eliminate the possibility of the product needing to be rebuilt many times. 

Choose a Suitable Development Staffing Structure

A vital aspect of project planning is deciding on the type of staffing structure. Your ultimate choice will have an impact on budget costs, workflow organization, and even the concept of product maintenance.

Therefore, you must find a balance between in-house team and outsourcing the project to reduce the cost of developing an app. Even a healthcare application development company needs to figure out the best approach for its process. So, let’s discuss the two.

In-House Team

In this, you hire technology experts and other specialists like designers and project managers. This results in improved quality and reduces risk but has the downside of increased cost.


When you outsource a project, the firm might hire mobile app developers for your project or offer you a ready-made product. In both cases, the cost will decrease significantly. The only drawback is that it increases the risk factor. However, you can eliminate that too by hiring an expert mobile app development company.

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Carefully Choose a Technology Stack

The technological stack is a collection of programming languages, frameworks, and digital tools that developers can utilize to create a product. The tech stack has a significant impact on the average cost of app creation. That is because it impacts: 

  • Development Workflow
  • Sophistication of App Maintenance
  • Costs
  • Commercial Risks

There are front-end and back-end elements in every tech stack. However, some development tools perform admirably on both the client and server sides of the project. A validated tech stack can aid in the optimization of the development process and the reduction of team resources. Custom mobile app development services include these tech stacks.

In general, adopting one of the major customized tech stacks is ideal for startups and MVPs. That is because they have a large knowledge base and hundreds of specialists for development, testing, or maintenance issues. These tech stacks are also extremely adaptable and integrative. Furthermore, they are regularly updated, ensuring that your app's performance remains consistent.

Go Agile 

There are many advantages of using Agile methodology in mobile app development like-

  • Rapid development
  • Financial control
  • Project specification compliance 

A rather large mobile app development project is split down into smaller development cycles using Agile methodology. That consists of tasks, sub-tasks, and modules. It's much easier to manage smaller bits of work.

Developers and testers work together at all phases and keep stakeholders updated on their progress. That improves the quality of the product release and speeds up delivery.

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Opt For Simple UI/UX

UI and UX are important for the success and growth of a mobile app. That is the reason why app business owners frequently overpay on them in an attempt to dazzle consumers. However, a user interface with a complicated design isn't always the best.

You must keep the app design simple while still making it appealing, especially in the initial phase of building a mobile app. If money is an issue, which it usually always is, you can use app design templates. You can easily personalize one of these for your app and save both time and money.

Cross-Platform Development

Choosing the correct app development platform is another approach to cut app development costs. The platform you choose will definitely impact your marketing budget. Conduct market research before deciding on choosing Android or iOS. Determine which app platform your intended audience likes. You can even consult your mobile app development services provider for this.

Android vs iOS

  • The costs of developing an app will vary on the platform you choose. For a variety of reasons, Android is more difficult to work with. For starters, there are a lot of different screen sizes on Android, and it is less standardized than iOS. This means that you'll need to employ developers for a longer period of time to develop an Android app.
  • In terms of maintenance, native Android apps are likewise more expensive. Developers can make native iOS apps faster and are often less expensive. They also take longer to post to the App Store. 

Cross-platform development is a cutting-edge and cost-effective alternative to native programming. Cross-platform apps use a single codebase to run on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, lowering expenses dramatically!

It is even less expensive than developing a native app. For apps that don't require native hardware feature integration, this method works well.

Launch an MVP First

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) consists of the most essential elements that help users understand the principal idea of your app. The MVP method is built on creating product versions, assessing the results, and then learning how to improve and profit from the product.

Furthermore, an MVP isn't about speeding up the development of an app. The method also aids in the creation and testing of a sales cycle. Consumer-critical choice factors, demand for specific features, and the expense of acquiring new users should all be of primary concern. Make sure that these are a part of your mobile application development services.

With the appropriate approach to product testing, you may cut your mobile app development costs. It's more expensive to improve an app's performance or change the core codebase when it's almost finished. Instead, it is easier to test each feature individually or to undertake code quality assurance on a regular basis. That’s where MVP plays a significant role.

Get a Cost-Effective Mobile App Development Solution 

The most important aspect of reducing cost of app development is striking the right balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. If you lose quality in making an affordable app, it is as good as money lost. For this, you need a tech partner that can optimize the process and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Our custom mobile app development company can make a viable MVP for you that is high on quality and low on cost. With its help, you can understand customer behavior and priorities and tweak its features. Connect with one of our experts by filling the form below.

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