February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


What is Mobile Advertising

It is the art of marketing the business on cell phones. Mobile Advertising is a promotion on cell phones. They are creations that appeal to mobile device users. This is the next step after onshore or offshore mobile application development in India. It is a vast and incredibly growing sector. Moreover, it gives a better opportunity for brands, agencies, and marketers. Generally speaking, it helps to connect with customers or potential customers. It is important to realize that this is a great strategy. It is beyond traditional and digital media. In the long run or short span, you have to talk to mobile phone users. They are a large volume of your desired clients. It is important to realize the advancements in technology. Under those circumstances, today mobile phone usage is much more than making and receiving calls. It is not just about sending SMS.

There is an amazing part of mobile advertising. This is the fact that a mobile phone is a very personal device. Thus one mobile phone will have one unique user. It makes the mobile phone a targeted communication channel. It is a place where you can captivate users with the content.

Mobile ads are getting more interactive

It’s not just about a static banner which when clicked would take you to some landing page. It is important to realize that the click on a banner might lead to a full-screen takeover. Therefore, displaying high-resolution photos or interactive videos might lead the user to the brand’s Facebook page.

In February 2013, Google rolled out Enhanced Campaigns for all Adwords users. Accordingly, the mobile advertising platform became a huge thing. Today we use it to integrate mobile advertising options. We can do it with classic online Adwords advertising.

Some features of Google Mobile Ad Extensions are briefly explained below.

These links allow the users to jump to specific pages of the brand’s website. They are very important in mobile marketing. It is also convenient to lure users on mobile devices.

Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Extension

This extension directly puts a ‘call’ button just below the ad. If the user clicks on the call button then automatically it generates the business’s contact number on his or her phone. This is the best option only when the business is open and able to answer the phone.

Google offers for Mobile

This extension lets advertisers post a discount offer. They can also put a coupon in their ad. It would help to attract the users who might otherwise ignore the ad.

Click-to-download Ad Extension

This extension is similar to a click-to-call extension. It is just that it won’t generate a phone number. However, ‘Click to download’ button is all the more useful. It would take the user to the download page. The user can come directly from the advertiser’s pre-selected app.

Local Ad Extensions

These extensions are the most important advertising extensions. It is important to consider that 1 in 3 searches have local intent. Local mobile marketing solutions often have a phone number. They might have a link to the location on Google Maps.

Mobile Advertising has an extremely bright future. It is a great way for customer engagement. You can get a high return on promotional investment. The users would be extremely happy if the advertisers would reach them easily. It would provide them the relevant information. Moreover, they would get offers and discounts right at their fingertips. It does not matter whether you use iOS application development or create an app for Android. It is very important to advertise the app.

Ultimately, it is on you about how you promote your business. However, we hope that this blog is helpful to you. Please comment in the section below and subscribe to our newsletter to get such blogs in the future.

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