January 6, 2022

Rohit Rawat



PHP is used by world-renowned companies. And this is a well-known fact. A vast number of businesses have selected PHP as their application and web development platform. 

Due to its numerous features and benefits, it has grown in popularity across the world over the years and continues to do so. Many organizations have started providing PHP web development services as a result of its continued expansion. However, many businesses still continue to have incorrect assumptions about PHP.

This article will discuss some of these misconceptions.

Myths About PHP Development That Businesses Have

1. PHP is Not Scalable

According to a report, the bulk of PHP-powered websites have low traffic. Therefore, it's possible that this is where the myth about its inflexibility began. PHP and MySQL web development are used to create a large percentage of websites on the Internet. So, to dispel this myth, it's important to talk about some well-known websites and systems that were built with PHP. 

The list includes-

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Etsy
  • MailChimp
  • Wikipedia
  • Spotify

Hopefully, this list will break any misconceptions regarding the scalable capabilities of PHP.

2. PHP is Difficult to Use

There is no such thing as a useless coding language. It all depends on the developer. Even if the coding language is simple, a lousy coder will produce awful code. PHP's most important feature is the enormous developer community that supports it. 

They not only use PHP web application development on a daily basis, but they are also constantly debating it. They discuss improvements and introduce new beneficial modifications and advancements. Developers can learn more quickly and put fantastic solutions into practice more quickly.

Unlike many other programming languages, PHP Web development has its own support. All these reasons contribute to the development of new frameworks, components, and other tools that improve PHP.

The fact that PHP has a big community and a lot of users completely disproves the idea that it is a hard language.

3. PHP is Not Secure

Many people feel that PHP is not secure because of its open-source nature. In reality, no programming language is entirely secure. Each language has its vulnerabilities. It is up to the developers to be aware of them. 

When making an app, the real test of a developer is how well they can work around these weaknesses. To make it more convenient for them, new frameworks are introduced to facilitate security. 

For PHP web development, these frameworks are Laravel and Symphony. The PHP development company must be well-versed in these frameworks to make the application secure. That will prevent any attacks by hackers. If there are vulnerabilities, the solutions for them are also there.

4. PHP is Not Suitable for Complex Applications

Most people think that PHP web development is not a good choice for making large corporate applications. They think it is suitable for building small and simple websites and apps. 

However, you should keep in mind that PHP can now be pre-compiled using optimizers. That makes it run quickly, which makes it good for making big apps and websites that change often.

5. PHP Development is Slow

The longer it takes to develop anything and the more complex it is, the slower it will be. And this is not a myth about PHP Web development. This is true for almost all the programming languages out there. 

Nonetheless, as compared to prior versions, PHP 7 and PHP 8 have greatly improved in performance. So, the idea that PHP is slow doesn’t ring true. Add to that the fact that PHP is used by some of the most popular platforms (as mentioned in the first point). This completely disregards the concept of PHP being slow.

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of some common misconceptions about PHP development, you can use it without any worry. Our PHP website development company has been working with the PHP language for years. 

Our PHP programming team at Narola Infotech has developed some excellent web apps for our clients using PHP. If you have chosen PHP as your language of choice, you can contact us to discuss your idea.

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