February 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


With the rise of the digital era, security hacks have also emerged at the same speed. However, it is next to impossible to have a hold over what information we put across the web but with Google, it is now possible up to some extent.

As we all know that Google has the data of almost everybody and hence, with the new feature of Ad Settings, it is trying to be a little transparent and open. Now, Google will allow you to personalize the data that it chooses to display with Google Ads across the website. This information is especially useful for the ones who’re seeking or managing mobile and web app development for their business.

Ad Settings

Ad settings have been there since 2009 with features, like – why this ad and mute it. But both these options were never exceptional or highly user-friendly. They have always been mediocre without offering much to the user and also, were limited to the Google search only. However, with these new Ad updates, Google has been able to touch the sentiments of the masses and these new Ad settings will also be available at the footer of Chrome’s new tab.

New Updates

The new update shows the different ways you can tailor and view them. This allows you to see the ads at glance. This new release also allows you to switch off any of the factors that you do not want. This will be applicable to all the services of google including – Google Play. You won’t be able to see the ads pertaining to that factor as long as you have signed in to your account. Most of the ads will be based on factors, like – what you are watching and surfing during that particular time. This feature can help the users as they would be able to make great choices when they have tailored ads displayed as per what they have been searching on google.

What's the Impact?

Why these ad settings feature is loved by the people but in the past, it was only limited to the Google search. But now, this feature will be available everywhere. Be it anyplace on the web if you have signed with a Google account, you are entitled to use this feature. For example – you will have this option accessible while watching the videos on YouTube. You will be able to use it when YouTube plays an ad before/between the video and the ad links that come at the sidebars.

These new personalized Ad settings features will help the user beyond their expectations and they will get to know it as they use it.

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