Last Updated: October 11, 2023


Leena Sanap


With the increase in the acceptance of smartphones and tabs, mobile web searching has taken computers and laptops. Investigation reveals that more than 1/3rd of net access is through smartphones, reducing desktop browsing to 48.7%.

It has to be a reminder for organizations, experts, and web designers to create certain that their website should be mobile-friendly. The worst part is Google will deter the websites that are not mobile optimized. Hence, it has become a vital component to make websites mobile-friendly and get discovered in SERPs.

While working on your website to have a great influence on desktop and mobile, WordPress is among one of the best platforms for designing any website. However, if your WordPress site is not properly optimized for mobile devices, you’ll not get the preferred traffic. Here are some recommendations to make your WordPress site mobile optimized.

Before you begin with the following suggestions, I would like you to go for a mobile-friendly test of your site, so that you can check what changes are to be applied to make the mobile-friendly site.

Mobile responsive WordPress theme

Check that the theme of your website is updated according to the current version. Nowadays the maximum of the WordPress themes available in the theme directory is responsive and so it is merely negligible for a theme not to be mobile-friendly. You can choose a free or paid theme as per your requirement.

Sentio, Cactus, Astore, etc are the list of free themes you can move to. In case if you opt to select a paid theme, I recommend – UDesign, Onetone, Brilliance, Dazzling, Centum, etc.

Optimize Images

If the case, the website is loading at a slow pace on mobile, the foremost requirement is to look at the images. Get rid of unwanted images and those with large sizes creating a fuss. Start compressing the images with plenty of online tools and WordPress plugins available, which also helps you maintain image quality.

The recent version of WordPress is looking for images on its own. However, Keep upgrading the version, if it is working on WordPress 4.3 or below, you might definitely find the change in an improved speed.

Plugins for content

There are a bunch of WordPress plugins that assist you in creating a mobile-friendly version of your website. Few best WordPress mobile plugins include – WP Touch, MobilePress, JetPack, Wapple Architect, WP Mobile Detector, etc. These highly operational plugins become a direct and cost-effective solution for mobilizing websites on a limited budget. You need to keep a check on plugins and update it as and when required

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages

Page Speed has become a major factor that affects the ranking of your website. Google always wants to give the best user experience, whether the search is from desktop or mobile. To benefit web designers in this, Google has come up with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which allows loading web pages faster on mobile devices. To implement AMP, on your site make use of the right WordPress plugin to gain the best result.

Most Probably, the above recommendations will help you make your WordPress website more mobile-friendly. But with these, your website optimization tasks shouldn’t be paused here. Always keep a check on the performance of your site to know the better user experience result and so that you can update the changes to your site.

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