December 28, 2021


Dhruti Randeria


The increasing affinity to online shopping has made businesses aware of how their shoppers want to shop. Due to busy and restrictive lifestyles, online shopping has become the norm for many. Any business that hopes to profit and keep up with market trends should consider building an eCommerce website

Magento: The Multi-Vendor Marketplace

You must have heard the name Magento somewhere before, right? The truth is every businessman must have heard about eCommerce, Magento, and online shopping at some point in time or another. 

They all bear correlation with each other and are the key to growing your business online. The great thing is that launching an e-store can also assist a pre-existing retail shop.  

Magento is an eCommerce website platform enabling a businessman to rapidly and simply build an eCommerce website. It acts as a multi-vendor marketplace since it hosts a wide range of different eCommerce websites.  

Why Build An Ecommerce Website?

There are several reasons why you would want to build an eCommerce website. It’s not just that every business is doing it and so should you too! Using Magento development services does have its own perks. 

The advantages of starting an online eCommerce store are: 

  • No need to worry about office location or rent
  • Space restrictions are not a constraint 
  • Utility bills will not apply
  • You can reach more customers through an eCommerce website
  • Customers can shop 24/7 
  • A larger catalog of products can be displayed 
  • Offers optimal convenience for shoppers as they can shop from home 

Reasons To Choose Magento

Magento is an eCommerce platform written using PHP. It comes across as an ideal eCommerce website solution because of so many benefits it offers. In case you want to know what they are, we have stated them below.  

Large Magento Community

Magento happens to be the second most popular eCommerce website platform in the world! The features of Magento are what earns this platform a high ranking. For an investor who is looking to create a new eCommerce website, Magento makes its case well heard. 

Consisting of a diverse range of people, this community contains programmers, developers, bloggers, and even tech enthusiasts. The perks of being a part of such a community are that there is always more than one person experiencing the same problem. 

As a result, any problems arising during the development phase will be shared, and finding a solution will not take long! The forum has 360,000 members and it assures Magento remains stable and up to date with regular improvements.  

Website Development is Affordable

Finding Magento eCommerce website development services will be easy considering the technology is very popular. 

This puts you in a favorable position and you can pick and choose which company you want to seek services from. In most cases, this also means that you can have direct control over the prices you will pay for the eCommerce website development services.  

For people who are very particular about budget, this can be an influencing factor! Another point is that you won’t have to struggle to find an eCommerce website development company

SEO-Friendly eCommerce Website Platform

Investors would be glad to know that ranking in the SERPs is an obtainable target when you choose Magento. Being visible in search engines is important if you want to gain traffic and possibly earn leads from these visitors!  

The SEO-friendly nature of Magento is especially important for new businesses that need to attract visitors. Developing an eCommerce website has the advantage of reducing costs and increasing output.

A variety of features contribute to SEO friendliness. Examples are using sitemaps, optimizing descriptions, and simplifying URLs, etc. These actions allow  Magento to assist in creating a successful eCommerce website. 

Customized For Mobile Access

Changing technology has assured that the majority of shoppers access an eCommerce website through mobile devices. People don’t access the internet the same way they did ten years ago! 

Because many people shop through mobiles, it is imperative to make sure your online store is mobile-friendly. Every aspect of your website must be compatible with all mobile devices. Failure to do this may reduce your customer base. 

A few compatibilities to consider are UI and UX, product image size and resolution, image format, and video file support. Any compromise to these factors will negatively impact your business. So, paying attention to them really does count. 

Luckily, Magento’s development platform supports HTML5  which covers compatibility with a broad range of devices.

Variety Of Payment Options

There are currently several payment options available, and everyone has their preferences. As a result, you will have to support all the various payment options if you want to accommodate all your users. 

Magento is a leading marketplace vendor and it supports almost all of the available payment methods. Some examples of popular payment options are Paypal, Google pay, Amazon payment, cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer, etc. 

Apart from making sure all these payment options are available, you must make sure that they all function properly!  

Easy Third-Party Integration

Magento is indeed a one-stop eCommerce solution providing you with almost everything you need. But, beating the competition means making customers more comfortable using and buying from your website. 

A great way to do this is using third-party integrations. These services are specialized to enhance customer experience and offer better performance. 

Third-party services available are:

  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping tracking
  • Order management
  • Databases 

Also, Magento supports and has built-in support for various Google services like Google Analytics, Google Base, and Google checkout. These tools assist you in measuring your website’s performance.

Open Source Platform

Let’s face it, money plays a major role in choosing an e-commerce development platform! But there is good news, Magento is completely free to use! The platform is open-sourced and no licensing fees apply to use the most recent version of Magento: Magento 2. 

For anyone that is on a strict budget, Magento 2 makes a great option. But even with an unrestricted budget, Magento has valid reasons as to why it should be your first choice. 


Magento finds itself racing against various eCommerce web development solutions such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. But, Magento definitely does appear more appealing than other prospects. 

There is much to love about Magento. Starting from the fact that it is SEO-friendly, open-sourced, and mobile-friendly, and has a large supportive community. You won’t know it is the right fit for you until you try it! Make your eCommerce website today!

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