February 4, 2021

Leena Sanap


Though, most of us believe that or have an impression in mind that human resource department has the right to do almost everything, but here one need to understand – they also have some limitations. In this blog, we will figure out all such things, so that you can have better idea about them and you stop pushing everything on them:

HR Does Not Decide your Increment

If you think that HR department is responsible for the appraisals and perks, then you are completely wrong. They just provide the annual report of the employee, which include – his behavior, discipline, attitude, dedication and work performance. Based on the report received by the HR, the management decide the figures.

HR cannot accept your Resignation

Agreed that HR plays a big role in accepting the resignation, but final decision come either from the director or top management personnel of the company. Your resign letter is taken to these people and further on complete discussion about your work and other things, the same is accepted.

HR cannot Terminate You

Again, it is possible that you may find it hard to digest but it holds the truth. They can report the ill things about you to the high level management individuals of the company and can ask them to terminate you. The last call is always from these people – if they find the reasons given by the HR, they can provide green signal to HR to do the needful.

HR cannot Grant You Leave

It is common scenario in every office that employees run to Human Resource department whenever they are planning to take the leave from office. And the people believe that it is completely on HR whether to accept it or not. But the mechanism is quite different, you leave application is brought to the head of your department and discussed whether it will be suitable to grant you leave or not.

In short, it is necessary to understand that HR is directly not responsible for all the above mentioned things, but they act as middleman between the management and the employees. So, next time if something goes against you, then do not blame it on HR – try to understand their limitations.

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