January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


Java isn’t the only programming language a developer can utilize to create Android apps. Apart from Java, the most robust Java Virtual Machine (JVM) language present in the Android ecosystem is Kotlin — a relatively new programming language developed by JetBrains. This statically-typed language has gained a tremendous amount of popularity among app developers. Especially, in the past two years following the announcement of the Android team at Google I/O 2017 keynote. Kotin has now become an official programming language for developing apps. The blog discusses the advantages of Kotlin over Java in Android.

What is wrong with Java as a programming language?

Back in its heyday, Java was widely used as the only programming language for developing apps. But these days, Java does not support vital backports such as lambda expressions, streams, and method references. The only hassle with Java is that a user must use third-party backports for Android App Development.

Furthermore, the biggest fault in Java is the way it deals with “null”, which ultimately leads to the Null Pointer Exception (NPE) – also known as the Billion Dollar Mistake. We list below a few reasons why Kotin excels over Java and how it can help your business grow:

  • Kotlin is easier to grasp and learn one of the greatest perquisites of Kotlin programming language is that any aspirant of Android App Development can master Kotlin and one does not even require any prior knowledge of app development. Moreover, if a developer is an expert in Java or C# coding, learning Kotlin is an easy task. One can write it in quick time.

  • It is much safer compared to JavaThe ability of Kotlin to prevent common programming errors by design makes it a much safer coding language than Java. This inbuilt aptitude of this coding language reduces application crashes and system failures. Kotlin prods developers to rework on the potential problems commonly faced by them during coding, thus helping them develop a more robust code.

  • Consistency in data is better so choose kotlin over JavaUnlike Java application development, Kotlin provides complete control over the consistency of data. This is beneficial for the Development of Android App aspirants because they do not have to undergo the pains of using a manual command system to keep up with data consistency. Besides, developers using Kotlin have plenty of options to change the command system.

  • Kotlin enhances development tasksThe various features of Kotlin ensure seamless execution of every-day development tasks. This is something that Java does not provide. The handy features such as extension functions, parameter values, object declarations, etc. all hasten the development time while consistently sustaining the codebase.

  • Kotlin offers reliable codes is one of the many computer-programming languages. It provides precise and reliable codes. App developers often face problems. These problems link with runtime errors, failing to release syntax, and not working on the null pointers accurately. The app developer, here, should be aware that correcting null pointers will help them to successfully develop an appropriate code devoid of errors. Kotlin provides all these benefits. In conclusion, it can be understood that Kolin, as a programming language, is beginning to replace Java in almost all aspects of app development. With the handy features of Kotlin, the future of Java seems bleak. In the near future, Kotlin is likely the new replacement for the same – making the life of app developers a lot easier. While developers sometimes are highly enthused when implementing modern technologies that are not robust, new tools to get developers motivated to write the best codes. And with six years of vigorous growth and development, Kotlin has a good commercial footing.

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