The recruiting process for an IT outsourcing company in India is something most of the candidates are unaware of. In any company, irrespective of the designation have goosebumps and nervousness in the interview. This is the case, especially with the fresh individuals. They have confusion about the recruitment process. The impact of it is a constant worry about what will happen at the interview. In this blog, we have listed the steps involved in the HR Department Hiring Tips. So, let’ s now have a look at the process

Shortlisting the Resume

To appear as the candidate, you need to send the resume to the company. The HR department will then go through the resume and will match it with the job description they are having. If your resume closely matches with the same. You are called for a face to face interview or if you are at some other location, then skype or telephonic interview is scheduled.

HR Round

In the HR Round what do they have to do? Basically – they have a go through to the resume and talk more about your professional experience and if you are a fresher then your zeal, knowledge, and enthusiasm are checked. This is the first step in the recruiting process. In this round, HR also confirms whether your attitude, skill, and knowledge will be good for the company or not. If they found anything odd about your candidature, you get rejected then and there. And if everything goes well, you are shifted to the next round.

Technical Round

There can be multiple steps in the technical round. The same depends upon the position you are applying for and the years of experience you are having. Generally, the fresh candidates do not have to go through multiple steps. They are examined in a single one. In the technical round, your key skills pertaining to the job profile is checked in both the fashions.

It is done both theoretically and practically. Usually, there are a few exercises as well. In this round, a task is also given to check the practical ability of the candidate which can be an added process of recruiting. If candidate clears this round, he is lead to the final round, which is again held by HR. This can be a crucial process in an IT outsourcing software development company in India. The client of the onshore company personnel, as well as the offshore company, work with foreign clients and the recruiters. They usually jointly scrutinize the candidate as well.

Final Round

In this round, rules and regulations of the company are explained to the candidate and salary negotiations also take place. Further, if the candidate agrees to the T&C and offered salary, then he is selected and offer letter gets issued in his name.

The above-mentioned procedure in most of the companies is the core recruiting process . However, the technical round may differ pertaining to the position.

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