When it comes to choosing a programming language, it could be a very tough decision to make. If you do select a language, you may feel like you might miss out on the benefits of another language. It is truly a nightmare!

However, it is better to choose a primary language and use it to the fullest, instead of using different languages and unnecessarily complicating the process. If you want to create a website or a web app, then PHP web development services are your best choice.

You may feel like PHP is irrelevant since it is an old language, but the reality is quite the opposite. And we are going to discuss why PHP is still one of the best languages around.

Benefits of PHP

The first question that one has regarding any programming language is about its benefits. This section will provide you with the answer for the same.


PHP demand in 2022 doesn’t seem to go down even though it will be 28 years old this year. And one of the reasons is the immense benefits it offers.

1. Open Source

The open-source nature of any programming language provides a range of benefits that is useful to businesses. It saves cost and helps developers in using it for free. This also eliminates any scope of project stagnation due to a lack of resources.

It paves the way for developers to form a community that facilitates the advancement of the programming language. They can learn, discuss, and implement new and improved solutions. It enables developers to put cutting-edge solutions into action and make attractive digital products.

Support from developers and constant innovation lead to making PHP web application development better than it was before. 

2. Security

Some experts believe that PHP is not as secure as it should be since it is open-source in nature. However, any programming language is susceptible and vulnerable to cyber attacks. The expertise of the developers determines the level of security. For instance, one strategy to avoid security breaches is to perform software testing which is a must for the developers at Narola Infotech.

3. Speed

PHP utilizes its own memories that reduce the loading time and workload. This increases the processing speed which is advantageous to both developers and their clients. Uploading speed is also important for SEO. That makes it even more important to not undermine its significance, especially if businesses want to utilize the website for marketing and sales purposes.

So you must hire PHP programmers who can capitalize on this benefit of PHP.

4. Scalability

When creating a website or online application, the developers most likely anticipate the project’s expansion. So scalability is critical, as the website must expand and accommodate increased traffic. Developers can easily expand the websites designed using PHP when they require extra servers. More accommodation means more users on the website.

5. Cost-Effective

PHP does not necessitate the use of any additional pricey software as it is open-source in nature. There are no additional licenses or royalties to pay, and there are no constraints. PHP is free to use because of the numerous integration possibilities, which lowers total development expenses. So even if you hire a PHP web development agency, it won’t cost you much.

What PHP is Used For

Once you know what the benefits are, the next thing that comes to mind is what is a programming language used for. You will find the answer to that question in this section.

Instead of declining in quality with time, PHP has improved. New challenges prompted new changes and continuous improvements have made PHP the go-to language for developers. So much so that it can do various tasks apart from web development like integration with mobile, data collection, etc.

It is correct to say that PHP has gotten more efficient and capable of handling a variety of jobs while being user-friendly and inexpensive. PHP is the ideal choice for business applications because of its simple syntax and rapid onboarding. Its simplicity may not be suitable for creating research systems that require complex systems.

However, PHP web development services are appropriate for use in all commercial projects which are rather simple to develop. When used with JavaScript, PHP can easily see any project through to completion and release. Developers can rapidly change and use it in nearly any situation.

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Companies using PHP

Everyone has the desire to know which companies and websites are using the programming language that they intend to use. And we are sure the same is the case with you. In this section, you will find all the major companies that use PHP, including a social media behemoth

1. Facebook

Ever since Facebook came into existence, it has relied on PHP. It uses PHP to produce dynamic content, which has resulted in a domino effect for numerous PHP-using firms. In 2010, Facebook released HipHop for PHP, also known as HPHPc. It can convert source code from any language into another. In 2013, HHVM took its position.

2.  WordPress

Who hasn’t heard of PHP in the programming world? It’s the world’s most comprehensive content management system. It makes use of PHP to interface with databases and extract data from them. PHP extracts data from the database and displays the results as static HTML. As a result, many active users with no prior coding skills may drag and drop UI components and develop or use templates.

3. Flickr

Flickr is one of the most popular websites among professional photographers. It employs PHP as the programming language and Nginx as the web server to provide fast page loading for high-traffic websites. Flickr has a lot of cool features including profiles, picture streams, albums, galleries, and groups.

4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most popular information website, and it uses PHP web application development. Using HVHM implementation and PHP databases, it assists the website in reducing page loading time.

5. Etsy

Etsy is one of the largest PHP-based e-commerce platforms, with over 45 million active buyers. For documentation, developers can implement HHVM to improve webpage speed. The addition of a static analyzer called Phan detects all conceivable inconsistencies between PHP5 and PHP7 automatically.

Why PHP is Still Relevant

You may have heard a lot of arguments and discussions surrounding the relevance of PHP. That may make you skeptical about using it. However, this section is here to clear all your doubts regarding that.

Many experts feel that PHP is getting old. But there is a difference between getting old and becoming a classic. And looking at everything the world has accomplished using PHP, we can say without a doubt that PHP is a classic language. 

Apart from this, there are two main reasons why PHP is still relevant in 2022.


Easy and Fast Development

When a PHP website development company uses PHP to complete a project, it takes less time compared to another programming language. The project gets released sooner since it takes less time. As a result, producing MVP with PHP increases the likelihood that the product will reach the target audience quickly. When you utilize PHP as your programming language, your time to market decreases drastically.

Cheaper Than Other Back-end Technologies

Apart from PHP developers having cheaper hourly rates, they can also integrate other CMS into your existing project. It is entirely up to you if you want to do the complete project in PHP or just parts of it. Depending on your business functionality you can integrate CMS like WordPress or Wix into your existing PHP project.

Future of PHP

The PHP programming language dominates the Internet, and there are no signs that this will change very soon. The language is becoming more competitive as it continues to improve. As a server-side language, it has the most prevalence in web technology. Its speed is being improved, and new libraries are being added to the directory. So it is clear that the future of PHP is bright.

Without a doubt, PHP is worthwhile learning. In fact, most online applications require PHP for back-end programming. Developers are regularly creating more PHP-related tools to make it a functional language. The most recent version of PHP is a testament to the security, speed, and performance of a programming language. 

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The choice of a programming language depends on the kind of solution you want to build. PHP is ideal for building simple websites and complex web platforms like Facebook. It is up to you to decide.

However, if you are confused about it, Narola Infotech, a PHP development company, can help you with it. Our developers are experts when it comes to PHP and have worked on multiple projects. You can contact us any time, and our experts will help you out with all your development requirements.

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