February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


The question of a million dollar is how worth is it to buy an iPhone-X phone. The phone is going to make a deep hole in your pocket and promises to give you something unique even from an iPhone developer company point of view. Apple is known as the master of surprises. When it comes to the launching of their new phone or tablet. This time, Apple came with quite a big surprise by launching two iPhones, namely iPhone 8 and iPhone X, at the same time. Now, apart from surprising the users, it has also confused them about whether iPhone X is worth to buy or not because 8 has almost the same features. Here, on this blog – we have listed what makes X different than 8 and whether or not, these differences are good enough to go for it.


If you think bigger is better, then iPhone X wins your choice in this particular segment. iPhone X has the bigger screen than iPhone 8. Though the size of both the phones is similar the former doesn’t have any space allocated for the home button. The screen is equal to the actual size of the phone.


iPhone X has the same bionic chip that iPhone 8 Duo has got. But the camera aperture is the thing that makes it stands ahead of iPhone 8. It comes with Optical Image Stabilization Module and has a wider aperture of 2.4 in comparison to the 7 and 8 which have 2.8 aperture. This can be a good reason to choose it over its competitor.

Suitable for iPhone App Development

The Apple users do consider the support for application development for iPhones. In this category, iPhone X emerge as a clear winner because it has a faster processor and several other software that provide great support for iPhone application development. Though similar features can be found in iPhone 8 but it doesn’t have the exact configuration as iPhone8.

Now, after discussing the three key points that make both these phones stand apart from each other, what is the final judgment? Well, to be honest – there are no major differences but the above mentioned do hold some gravity in favor of iPhone X. But, it completely dependent upon the customer that whether the said changes are worth for him or not. So, we leave the final verdict on you. And, let the time decide – who is the final winner in the battle that Apple has unintentionally set between its own phones.

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