September 20, 2022

Mrunali Gaikwad


It’s time for some extra efforts from any iPhone application development company in the USA or around the world. iOS has captured 15.6% of the global smartphone market share in the second quarter of 2022. In the United States itself, the iOS market share was 57.02% as of August 2022. Needless to say, competition among iOS apps is getting stiff. 

Why do you need to know this? 

Getting an iOS app to support your business is definitely a great idea. However, there are a lot of factors that determine its performance in the future.

In this blog,

  • Future scope of iOS apps
  • iOS app development tips to ensure success
  • An insight into market stats and trends

As of March 2022, the Apple App Store had over 1 million gaming apps and 3.79 million non-gaming apps. Given the expanding iOS market share, app owners and developers should be now determined towards making their apps stand out from competitors. Not only should your enterprise app be unique and serve your customers well, but also meet your corporate goals. As you proceed with custom iOS development, there’s a lot of planning and execution to do while taking all necessary precautions.

iOS Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile Application Development Tips

We always suggest our clients make sure they do enough research on their end while we do the same. Clarity of things plays a major role in creating a successful app. Moreover, here are some tips that will make your iOS app more relevant and ready for the competition.  

1. Know Your App’s Goal

This is the one most common tip we give to our clients and readers every time we explain an app development process or a similar subject. It is extremely important not just for developing an iOS app but probably any software application and even websites. Knowing the actual purpose of an app and what the users expect of it will help make a more reliable end product. 

Most iPhone users are specific about their requirements when using an app. Therefore, a straightforward understanding of your app’s objective and how it should function will ensure the delivery of a better user experience. 

29% of users immediately abandon an app if they don’t find it valuable.

Getting specific answers to a few questions might help your endeavor to launch a goal-oriented and user-friendly app.  

  • What problems will the app solve? 
  • How does it add value to the user’s journey? 
  • What makes it different from competitors’ apps? 

Once you know and understand what needs to be done, it becomes easy to find out how to do it.  

2. Never Skip Market Research

Developing an app without determining the target audience and the market would be as good as waste. As an iOS app development company, we always suggest this to our clients. However, we have witnessed the common tendency of skipping market research or considering it a waste of time. 

But as an app owner, you must know that market research allows understanding user preferences and requirements. In fact, it also lets you know whether there’s an optimum volume of potential customers in the existing market. Without proper market research, you might end up with an app that deals with a broad, undefined audience and has faulty design and features.  

Only after studying the market and figuring out your target audience will you be able to know what kind of app is needed for your business. For example, if you choose to develop high-end apps, you should target premium iPhone users who have greater paying capacity. You may decide on the premium features and services accordingly.  

Custom iOS Development

The world of technology is evolving more than any other industry. In any manner, you don’t have the option to move slower than its pace. Lack of latest features and tech could be one of the reasons people dislike your app and ultimately uninstall it.

3 out of 10 users tend to uninstall an app within 30 days. An average app has the chance of getting uninstalled in less than 6 days..

Therefore, integrating the latest technologies and features is important to make sure that your app hits the App Store. As a business owner, you must think of the latest features and tech upgrades that can be used within your application. These may include AR/VR, AI chatbots, wearable devices, IoT, etc.

Here’s where the small things matter a lot. Features like message filters, emojis, music queues, auto driver replies, etc., are some examples. However, these features would vary according to your app’s type and purpose. So, make sure you have done your research well before finalizing any features for your application.

4. Impressive and Reliable App Design

Design plays a pivotal role in the success of an app. It directly affects the look and feel of the application along with the user’s experience. You certainly want to make sure that the iOS app development company you choose has a plan to combat challenges within the design sphere too. Great features and an excellent app idea would be of no good to your business if people cannot use it efficiently.

65% of the users say that a poor mobile experience has a negative impact on their opinion of a brand.

A good app design is based on the following points:

  • It should be engaging and improve user experience.
  • While the design should be unique, users shouldn’t face any challenges using it.
  • It should be easy to add elements to the design or upgrade it from time to time.

The iPhone app design should be functional and user-friendly. Rather than making it complex, we suggest clients go with simple elements. It not only makes the app better for users but also simplifies the development process.

5. Ensure Compatibility With Existing iOS Versions and Devices

You must know very well that there are several versions of iOS on the market. Since you don’t know which of them are being used by your target users, it’s important to make sure that your app is compatible with all of them.

An app that’s compatible with multiple versions of the OS will make it more accessible and widen the user base. Also, it secures an app’s position in the long run because of seamless performance and better functionality.

It would be beneficial to conduct compatibility testing for your app. This will bring in validation for aspects like menu placement, navigation flows, screen size adaptation, and a lot more.

Cost of iOS App Development

6. Have a Clear Plan For App Testing

Testing is a crucial aspect of iOS mobile app development. No users will accept an app full of bugs and errors. To make sure you deliver a high-quality, bug-free app to the users, never skip testing.

67% of bugs are found and reported on iOS devices.

With the help of your development partner, you must focus on determining the most efficient testing approach. Based on your budget and app requirements, you may choose from manual or automated testing. But either way, the application you launch should be high-quality, user-friendly, and responsive.

Considering the following best practices might be helpful.

Prefer testing your iOS apps on real devices instead of emulators. They are less reliable and miss out on many important aspects like network availability, battery consumption, performance, usage, and more.
Make sure to involve the entire development team as their assistance may be required for various manual test cases.

For more details,

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7. Focus on Launching a High-Performance App

The primary reason why a user would stick to your app is its performance and how well it fulfills their expectations. Therefore, to keep your customers/users hooked, you must ensure that the app you offer loads quickly, is flexible and reliable.

44% of all in-app defects are found and reported by users.

Asking for feedback plays a major role in maintaining the smooth performance of an app. Here are a few ways to make sure that your app’s performance stays consistent.

  • Ask the users if they are facing any issues.
  • Study and measure app behavior to figure out problems.
  • Make improvements and implement changes immediately.
  • Observe app performance closely from time to time.

Reconsidering Your OS Preferences?

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Hire a Dedicated iOS Developer

The iOS app development tips we shared above will surely help you make better decisions throughout the app development process. However, one cannot deny that building successful and reliable apps requires skills and experience. Undoubtedly, you would need professional assistance and iOS application development services that go a long way.

At Narola Infotech, the proficient team of developers, designers, and quality analysts bring their expertise to the table and deliver apps that are beyond functional codes. Over the last 16+ years, we have delivered 2500+ successful projects. If you wish to build an app that not only serves your user but becomes a bold brand voice, you can connect with us!

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