February 1, 2021


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iOS 11 vs Android Oreo is a great time for developers of the iOS mobile application. Even Android developers can be the talk of the town. A new year brings a new version of the iPhone Operating System and Android phones. Apple’s rolling out iOS 11 while Google is rolling out Oreo. The two are new operating systems for phones. The users of these respective operating systems can’t wait to get their hands on them and discover its enhancing features.

There is a lot of difference in both the OS. However, they are getting updates that make them a lot similar to each other. So, here are the key features you really need to know about iOS 11 vs Android Oreo:

Multi-tasking and productivity

iOS software application developers are developing incredible apps. iOS 11 has a lot of amazing features for the iPad. Apple is finally prioritizing iPad with its new split-screen and app-switching platforms. Moreover, there is an improved dock which makes moving between the apps a lot easier.

If you’re an iPhone user, you won’t find many multi-tasking features. Though there is a new Files app, some markup tools have changed. Some nice improvements in the stocks app like Mail and Notes is an add-on feature. You won’t be able to multitask on an iPhone the way you can on an iPad.

Android application developers have not yet developed multitasking features for Android Oreo. This is because it doesn’t have to. Android already added a split-screen feature in the last years update Nougat.


Oreo opens the Picture-in-Picture support for any app. Earlier it was limited to YouTube for Android only. The best part of this feature is that it works on phones as well as tablets.

iOS introduced this feature in iOS 9. But this feature is limited to newer iPads. Apple is yet to release PiP for iPhones. It doesn’t matter if you have a 4th gen iPad, PiP is not available.


Everyone loves Emojis. If this were an older Android update, there wouldn’t be any questions about it. However, this platform is having a better emoji. With the new Oreo OS, Google is finally redesigning the yellow blob emoji.

Android users will now get a set of emojis that look like they belong to this millennium. Oreo has also introduced 56 new Emoji characters. Google is also taking steps to solve the broken emoji issue. With the new update, you won’t have to worry about sending the emoji to the people. The older version of Android users will still get the emojis as they were getting it earlier.

Apple has also confirmed a new Emoji update releasing later this year with the new Unicode 10.0 update. The release date is not yet confirmed but it is going to go live with the new iOS 11 this fall.


Both the platforms are getting a major update for notifications. With Oreo, Google is adding tons of new features to customize and interact with notifications. Android is borrowing this feature from iOS. Their users will find a small dot on the upper-right corner of the icon of the app as an indicator for a new notification. Android has borrowed this same feature for Oreo.

Android Oreo is also getting a feature similar to 3D Touch, which helps in using some facilities of an app by long-pressing the app’s icon.

Apple has also made changes to the Notifications. It has removed the Notification Center completely. Now, users just have to swipe down from the top of the screen, it then brings up the lock screen that shows push notifications.

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Autofill and Keyboard

Google has released a much-needed Autofill feature. This one will fill the username and passwords automatically for the apps. This feature was already available in Apple for a few years. This is done to makes the task of managing passwords easier. So it is a win.

Apple has also made a small improvement by providing the users with a one-handed keyboard layout. This can help you type single-handedly without any typos.

iOS 11 vs Android Oreo - Our Verdict

Android Oreo and iOS 11 are amazing operating systems. This is mainly because they have lots of multitasking and productivity features. They are making things easier for the users.

The million-dollar question is who wins the race in iOS 11 vs Android Oreo? If you have an iPad having iOS 11 than iOS wins over Android Oreo. This is because Android doesn’t have many tablet rivals and partly because iOS offers many productivity features.

You just can’t be certain about any phones these days. Though we recommend you to select any phone, you won’t be disappointed.

We have covered all the significant features of iOS 11 vs Android Oreo. These are the key things about both the two mobile platforms. But, you can also have a different insight on the same topic. Check out the blog Android Oreo vs iOS 11: Who Will Win The Race? In this blog, they have covered the topic with a different angle which is worth a look. This blog can provide you an in-depth comparison between the latest OS version of Android and iOS. Also, it is always beneficial to have as much information as possible. A given technical topic is better understood in a wider aspect.

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