January 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


One of the versions of Android OS is Android Pie. Google starts to make something new and different through the use of artificial intelligence(AI). This version of Android helps to preserve your battery by knowing what apps you use the most. It is available on pixel phone also.

Almost everybody knows about this part of the information, but what most people don’t know is that – this version of Android will serve as the test version of the upcoming Android trend. The other device users who have signed for the company’s beta program will receive the update this year.

The latest trend in Android technology that helps the apps in enhancing the user experience. Google Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP), Cloud-Based android app, Android payment app, etc.

These are the top Android mobile app that trend to boost your app with the latest technology. These mobile apps are adopting the trend and able to make a great impression on the users.

New technology in Android is Payment apps, Apps that go beyond the screen, The continued usage of the cloud, Greater demand for in-app search capability, Artificial intelligence’s role continues to grow.

Small features are as important as longer ones. Android pie brings a bit of control where it’s needed-taming bad apps-and that’s the greatest feature addition in itself.

Android pie has several new features for Android smartphone users, here is a list of all new features:-

Easier Text Selection

Text selection is easier as well as a hidden feature of Android pie. This feature gives a clear look at what they are typing by giving a magnified look when the user swipes the cursor on the sentence.


It is a big deal for those who are fond of clicking a photo. In the next version of the android. You will see the dual camera setup. It helps the users to take high-quality photos in a minute.

An Improvement in Message App

In this version user can see the image message notification by swiping down from the top of the screen. Also, this android version suggests quick responses that you can use by analyzing the messages received.

New Gesture Navigation

Say goodbye to a typical three-button navigation bar at the base of the screen and say hello to a newer gesture-based navigation system. This system is very easy but will take some time to get used to it.

App Timer

The new version of Android has come up with the special option called app timer that will help the users to set a time limit for your device usage. This limits the usage of the app.

The conclusion to be made is that Android development is becoming easier and powerful. At the same time more can be achieved with this technology than ever before.

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