January 28, 2021


Leena Sanap


The Coronavirus COVID-19 has hit everywhere across the globe. All the countries are on their toes with the healthcare workers in action to combat the deadly pandemic. The governments are doing their level best by ensuring that people practice social distancing and there is a strict lockdown in many parts of the world.

The millennial generation is handling this situation pretty well with the aid of social media. They are engaged in spreading positivity and lending a helping hand whenever possible. In order to help people showcase what they are doing and what they are thankful for, there’s a new “Thank you hour sticker” on Instagram that is now available.

Every day at 7 p.m. the feature gets activated. It preserves your privacy settings and its visibility depends on those people who are added in your contacts only.

Why is Instagram’s new update of Thank You Hour Sticker amazing?

The situation of the pandemic is miserable for those suffering and sick due to the virus. The ones in quarantine or self-isolation are also having a hard time making peace with this newly enforced lifestyle. But, with all of this, there is a very strong ray of hope that if we successfully implement each of these measures, it won’t be long before the virus becomes a thing of the past.

Another amazing thing that we observed during this lockdown period is how people have come up with unique ways to make the most of this time in hand. They are spending quality time with family, thanking and motivating everyone including the healthcare workers, the scientists, people working to ensure law and order for their relentless service.

The “thank you hour” sticker is like a source of motivation. It boosts the morale of those viewing it and asserts the fact that don’t worry, we are all in this together. People are cooking, gardening, dancing, painting, singing, and just doing all things good. Some are even reaching out to help others along with maintaining practices of social distancing. And, all of this is shared on social media.

Let’s face it, What would we have done without the amazing world of social media that is spreading a lot of positivity and hope in the world. People are spending long hours speaking to each other through video calls, conference calls, etc.

The “Thank You Hour” sticker on Instagram came after the “Stay Home” and “Thanks Health Heroes” stickers became popular. It is a wonderful way of showing gratitude for the things that you are able to do by staying home and everything that’s helping you sail through this tough time.

Try out the Instagram New Sticker Today!

So, for those who are always up to date online and are on the search for new Instagram story stickers every time you post, You must definitely try Instagram’s new update of the “Thank You Hour sticker”.

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