January 28, 2022

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The increase in the demand for contactless deliveries resulted in a surge in the development of grocery delivery apps. The high demand and technological developments resulted in a brilliant customer experience. New vendors are bringing in innovative features to further improve the experience. If you are also on the way to making an Instacart like app, make sure you read this article.

This post will explain the different elements of the different panels in grocery delivery app development.

Instacart Clone Apps: Panels For Users, Admins, and Delivery Agents

Different Panels in Instacart Clone Apps

User Panel

Signup/Social Media Login

The signup process must be simple for the users. Otherwise, they might get frustrated and move on to some other platform. For their convenience, you can give them the option to login through their social media account or email.

Description of Grocery Items

Once a user clicks on any product, there must be a detailed and accurate description of that product. It will help the user in making an informed decision. Failure to provide a description might confuse the user.

Placing Orders

There should be only a single barrier at most in placing an order on your Instacart clone app. Users may not appreciate it if they have to go through a lengthy process of placing an order.

Order History

Sometimes users would want to repeat the order they placed last time. In that case, it would be helpful if your Instacart like app stores information on previous orders. From there, users can repeat the order. That will help in saving time and will provide an excellent experience to the user.

Search Filter

A search filter will allow users to find exactly what they want instead of going through the list of products. That will save time and improve the user experience. 

Multiple Payment Option

This is another area where you can drastically improve user experience. You can provide multiple payment options since many users now prefer paying online through mobile wallets. This will give them convenience and increase the conversion rate of your Instacart clone app.

Admin Panel

User Records

Data is most important for providing users with a seamless and personalized experience. Using data, you can find out user preferences and behavior. Accordingly, you can provide them with relevant deals and products using machine learning algorithms. 

Payment Reports

Payments reports can help you find out if there are any inconsistencies or issues in the payment gateway. For example, suppose the payments are getting failed at a particular time of the day. The payment reports can help you figure out the reason quickly.

Access to Stores

You can easily manage all the stores that are registered on your Instacart like app. You can check their availability, the products, and their price, and the discount they want to give. This will ease the negotiation process and the fixing the commission rate. 

Information of Orders

This panel will display information about all the orders that customers place. This data can help in improving the algorithm of the app. Improved algorithms improve user experience.

Details of Delivery Personnel

The details of delivery personnel will contain their personal information. It will also show which drivers are available and how many delivery requests they accept or reject.

Earning Report

This section of your Instacart clone app will keep you updated about your earnings. You can check your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings in this section. It will also help you in identifying your best performing and worst performing products.

Push Notifications

This will help you send mass push notifications to the millions of users that use your app. This is a useful function that will help improve usability.

Delivery Panel

Login and Registration

Easy and simple login and registration will facilitate easy onboarding of the delivery personnel. The quicker they register on your Instacart like app, the faster they will start working.

Accept or Decline Delivery Request

This section will allow the delivery personnel to accept or reject a delivery request. You can check this data in your admin panel. To make sure that they are not rejecting too many requests, you can set a limit for them.

View Delivery Location on Map

This will show them the location where they have to deliver the product. To make it more convenient, the Instacart clone can also recommend a path that they can follow to make deliveries.

Manage Availability

In this section, delivery personnel can update their status. They can change their status according to their availability.

Earnings Report

This section will inform the delivery personnel about their earnings. Whether they get paid per delivery or on a weekly/monthly basis, this section will calculate and display their total earnings.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned panels will improve the functionality and ease of usability of the app for all the involved parties. Food delivery app development will also use almost the same panels. But their integration will depend on the expertise of the developers who make the app. 

The team of our grocery delivery app development company, Narola Infotech, has worked with clients before in order to make similar apps. Therefore, they are well-versed with all the intricacies of app development. 

The apps we make function smoothly and has all the necessary features and panels. We can also customize it according to your requirements. You can book an appointment today with our experts for a consultation.

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