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Hypertext Processor, oh PHP as it is famously called, is a programming language favored by web developers. These commands get embedded in HTML programs which gives a PHP programmer their desired output. While most programming languages function on the client-side, PHP functions on the server-side.

PHP is an easy language that is favored by both beginners and professionals in PHP development companies since it is easy to grasp. There are many important aspects of it. Let us now read about the major pillars of modern PHP that make it stand out from the other programming languages.

The 11 Most Important Pillars Of Modern PHP Development

Coding: The Most Important Pillar

Coding is the most important pillar of PHP web application development. The code’s foundation will decide on how good the program will be. Developers use open-source software such as Git to keep a track of pre-existing codes as it makes them easier to tweak. They prefer to keep PHP web development open-source so that everyone in the programming community can benefit from it.

Testing The Code

Writing a brilliant piece of code is not enough. No matter how high the quality of the code is, there will always be a glitch that needs to be resolved. A PHP programmer has to rely on the testing team in a situation like this to thoroughly test the code and make sure it is free of any errors before the deployment of the code. 


Post testing, PHP and MySQL web development teams have to deploy the code. But it is not an easy process as more often than usual, errors do occur which need to be resolved at the last minute. 

A perfect deployment is not always guaranteed as the environment and the needs of the application vary. PHP developers prefer using Git as a backbone as it usually possesses a history of failures and successes. 

Backend Resources

Backend resources are services an application needs to function efficiently. These services include things such as file storage protocols, databases, mail delivery systems, queues, and caches, etc. 

The level of access a PHP developer has to these backend resources highly depends on how critical their role is in the PHP website development company


For every PHP program that is executed, a special configuration file called php.ini is read. It is imperative that this file is well written so that, when the module version is being used, the program runs smoothly. Open tags, enabling and disabling functions, setting up safe modes and maximum execution time are some of the important aspects of the php.ini configuration file. 

Runtime Data

The data that is associated with a file but not with a database becomes the runtime data. The runtime data files get created as a result of user engagement. During the execution of any program, this data is required. 

The local or network-connected file system is used to solve this problem. Web developers suggest using cloud storage since it resolves scalability problems, data migration issues by balancing the data load with the help of separate PHP scripts for execution and delivery. 


No matter which PHP program it is, each code gets linked to a specific set of libraries and becomes dependent on it. Web developers looking to solve this issue use software injection patterns that identify the dependencies and modify them each time a program or code is run. As a result, the code becomes easier to test as the chances of errors getting created become less or nil.


It is important for web developers that when they write an application code, they should be aware of the infrastructure of the program. This is essential so that they do not face any problems as the application might have its own weaknesses. Instead, web developers seek to leverage the strength of the application.

Every resource needs individual consideration so that they can identify the resource which is lagging and slowing them down. Then, they need to look for newer resources that can compensate for the faulty resource in an effort to boost the performance of the application. 


Programs written with the PHP programming language generate plenty of compiled code scripts, images, and text. While this is not a bad thing, they need to be listed and categorized in a proper flow to prevent any kind of errors in the future.

Web developers need to document it efficiently to make sure that it is done in the first run. This way, they do not need to edit the program and run tests over and over if there are errors as it is a very time-consuming process. 


While thorough testing provides a good base, there is still room for errors to occur. Hence, there are three main stages, namely the development stage, the production stage, and the testing stage. The main takeaway here is that all stages should be relative to the main program. The more they deviate, the less useful they will be.

The number of stages to be used depends on various factors such as the size of the project, the number of developers in the team, the type of application, etc. While there can be many stages, the development, production, and testing stages are the most important. 


This is one of the most important pillars of PHP web application development. This is because web developers need to be patient when developing programs. Apart from monetary resources, a good code requires time. Developers need to understand that there is no single-approach rule to developing an efficient program. They need to have a flexible mindset that is open to attempting different approaches to succeed in case a traditional method does not work. 

Final Words

These 11 elements are the most crucial pillars of Modern PHP Development. Developers into PHP web development services have to follow these pillars by the book whenever they create a code and intend to deploy it. 

Having the patience to weed out any corrupt issues and a flexible approach is imperative to creating a successful code. Web developers can find inspiration from Git as it is open-source and is meant for helping budding and professional developers.

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