February 9, 2021

Leena Sanap


Quality assurance is the most crucial part of web application development, Why do we say this? it doesn’t mean that we are giving less significance to other procedures. However, we are here to evaluate the importance of the former. Every individual has a rough idea about QA. So, let’s start with its fair definition.

What is Quality Assurance?

We define on the basis of website and software creation and development. Quality Assurance or testing refers to the manual or automatic examination of the codes written for any particular program or application. The job of software testing is to check the working functionality of the codes. Moreover, one has to test if the written code delivers the desired results. They should provide results smoothly and flawlessly. One can examine the code in a variety of ways. It depends upon the project development methodology adopted for website creations and development. Generally, a web tester or developer test the codes module by module at first instance and eventually the project as a whole.

The Benefits of QA (Quality Assurance)

  • Helps to Deliver error-free projects – If the project manager keeps the testing up to the mark it ensures everything that passes through is 100 % correct. On the whole, it also remains as per the client's requirement.
  • Helps to Make the Program Better – The purpose of QA is to check the coding. Similarly, the environment of development plays an important role.  Also, sometimes the quality analyst suggests the best method of developing a module or even more. This helps the developers in adopting better technology for the development.
  • Gives the Direction to Developers – Testing guides the developer to the best possibilities. It is a way to avoid errors and to do flawless coding. The senior QA guys also suggest the reason that why any particular error has happened which help the programmers to resolve the issue pretty easily.
  • QA Gives the Green Signal – A company cannot hand over a project to the client until or unless the QA team validates it. The testing is done in many phases before the final review. After complete satisfaction of the team, the project manager releases the project to the customer.

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