January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


The HR department or the human resources is that section of any organization which is the driving force behind shaping its workplace culture. Their skills and knowledge, when put to right use, can drastically influence the generation of a positive work environment. No matter how small a business or big an organization is, a dedicated HR exercising their responsibilities is an asset.

In this article, we discuss the crucial roles which are played by the HR in any organization and how the human resource management frames the overall company culture.

Crucial Role of an HR in an Organization:

There are various aspects that play a silent role behind a business’ success. Everyone including the top manager and employee till the very bottom of the hierarchy is looked after and therefore closely associated with the department of human resources. Whenever you join a company they are the first to greet you with a welcome and also the last to bid goodbye.

Enlisted here are some vital activities that fall under the able hands of HR professionals:

1.Developing Policies

Framing a good and functional policy that is devoid of loopholes is important for the company. A talented and experienced HR Manager can help you draft such policies with ease. Very often companies work with some dated policies which need to be refreshed and made relatable from time to time. It can be something as simple as framing leave policies or increments, notice periods, and other aspects which can cause big trouble when we look at the bigger picture of it.

2. Staff Recruitment

What makes an outstanding and successful company? Its employees, right? And, it is the recruitment manager in the human resources team that brings in the right resource to your organization every single time. Hiring processes are rather tedious and filtering out the best candidates from hundreds and thousands of applicants can be exhausting. Moreover, HR also plays the crucial role of negotiating their salaries. They ought to maintain a fine and impartial balance between employee benefits and the goodwill of the company.

3. Managing & Allocating Budget

Money management can be very tricky. Sometimes a job can be done at a lesser pay with equally good quality. That’s where the ability of the HR comes into the picture. They have to pay attention to every penny spent by the company on various things. Be it hiring resources or buying office stationery, they are in charge of everything. Yes, there definitely is the accounts department that maintains records, pays taxes, salaries, etc. But the important work of how to manage all the activities in a provided budget is implemented by the human resource management team.

4. Conducting Employee Engagement Activities

Organizing events and company functions are extremely important for employee engagement. It creates a sense of bonding amongst the colleagues and maintains a good spirit at the workplace. It also kindles feelings of teamwork and co-operation. This is very helpful for better productivity and quality results. It is also fodder for employee retainment as they feel that their company does not treat them as machines doing work all the time. It leads to employee satisfaction and keeps them happy.

5. Employee Complains Redressal

An organization where there is a sense of comfort and the employees know that they are heard is definitely favoured by them. The human resources department has to closely monitor the behaviour of every employee. This ensures that no unfair practices are prevalent in the company. The HR has to pro-actively handle issues involving disagreement between co-workers, implement anti-discrimination policies, and get to the root of any harassment complaints. HR has to come up with solutions and work on employee feedbacks so that there is a sense of job security and job satisfaction prevails.

6. Training & Development

Having new talent in the organization is like a breath of fresh air and required for the long haul of the business. Also, upgrading the knowledge of your existing employees is equally necessary. This will ensure the employees face challenging work and provide enforcement of newer technologies and solutions in catering to your future clientele. This is undeniably a very important part of a good business strategy for internal growth.

7. Ensure Smooth Functioning of the Company

Ensuring the overall smooth operations of the company is an entrusted task to the human resources department. In order to do that, they carry out regular performance evaluations of all employees, meetings from the managerial level to amongst the team members are also looked after. They not only look after the well-being of the company but also ensures that all the amenities like water, refreshments, etc. are made available.

HRMS Software to Support your HR

Now that it is crystal clear how important an HR is to your company, here is an added benefit you can gain by introducing the human resource management software for all activities in your organization.

Carrying out performance management, recruitment, managing payrolls, leaves, attendance, and overall employee management, on the whole, gets a structured approach with the HRMS software. This will make your human resource work simpler and double their productivity. A reliable one like Narola HRMS software solution can take you a long way in soaring new heights for your business.

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