Last Updated: October 18, 2023


Leena Sanap


Augmented Reality technology, although the originating way back in 1957, is gaining tremendous momentum these days. Businesses are embracing AR Development services as a useful marketing tool to enhance customer satisfaction by providing them with an immersive experience of the environment.

After making significant inroads in the healthcare, military, and manufacturing industry, Augmented Reality Development is becoming a lucrative option for the hospitality industry, allowing them to better sell their environment and related experience to the customers.

Here's a recent statistical prediction: it has been estimated that by the year 2025, the AR Development market will touch the $198 billion mark. The hospitality sector will be foremost in utilizing this technology to reach this high revenue mark.

Why is leveraging the services of an Augmented Reality Company becoming a thing of necessity for hotels? Firstly, today's guests aren't satisfied with the cursory information regarding the place that they are going to visit and invest their money in.

This is where AR Development comes into play as it easily provides all the necessary information to the customer. Right from giving virtual tour hotel rooms before booking to helping people locate significant places of interest in their vicinity, there seems to be nothing that Augmented Reality Development cannot achieve.

Let us see how the hotel industry can benefit & grow from investing in effective AR technology.

360 Degree View of the Hotel Room before the Check-in

Perhaps the greatest impact of AR Development can be seen from its ability to provide an in-depth and interactive view of the entire room to the customer.

Already, hotels like the Marriott, Starwood, and The Hub Hotel are utilizing AR technology to enable customers to access the maps placed in the interior of their hotel rooms. Now guests are able to view everything like local tourist spots by just raising their phones and pointing them at the map.

Personalized Experience According to the Needs of Guests

Augmented Reality Development has made possible the things that could only be a part of sci-fi tales a few decades ago. AR technology like Google Glass has made it easy for the hotel staff to attend to every customer’s special needs and demands.

After wearing this glass, employees can access all the essential details of their guests related to their loyalty, preferences, and purpose of the trip. Thus, AR is making it possible for the hospitality industry to impart an impeccably personalized experience to each and every customer.

Astonishing Experiences of the Hotel

AR Development services have proven themselves to be truly effective in facilitating unique and delightful experiences to prospective customers. There is no limit to innovation when it comes to using this technology in the hospitality sector.

We can already see it being used in ingenious ways by hotels like Holiday Inn and Best Western. Customers are now able to see a virtual depiction of well-known celebrities just by pointing their phones in a specific direction.

Not only this, customers virtually decorating their entire room before even stepping into it are other exciting ways by which AR Development is captivating and enthralling potential and existing customers.

AR App-Enabled Unique Travelling Experience

Augmented Reality Development is rooted in the visualization of information at a highly advanced level. It is the reason why hotels are fast replacing their standard brochures with AR apps.

Users only need to install the apps and point their phones at an image. They will instantly receive all the information about the location that they desire. Moreover, functionalities like geo-tagging and location customization not only facilitates efficient communication but also provides all the necessary information in an immersive manner.

This is why leveraging AR Development services are becoming exceedingly vital for businesses in the hospitality sector.

Beacon Technology for Powerful Information Sharing

Perhaps the most profound impact of Augmented Reality Development felt in the hospitality industry relates to the use of beacon technology. Using this technology, a hotel can provide as well as share information using Bluetooth support to its customers.

Recently, this technology has been utilized to develop virtual keys that help customers unlock their hotel rooms. Apart from virtual keys, this technology is also being employed to transmit maps and similar data at the right moment to customers.

AR-Powered Game Creation

Immersive hotel experiences through gamification are fast becoming a raging trend in the hospitality sector. Gamification through AR Development enables hotels to increase their brand value by making their site an integral part of an AR game. These games impart enjoyable experiences to customers by making them engage more with the hotel and explore it as much as they want.


By now you must have realized that there is no limit to what Augmented Reality Development can offer. The technology has been nothing short of a game-changer for many sectors including hospitality.

From providing custom dining experiences, interactive maps, enhancing the guest’s environment the use cases of AR in the hospitality industry are proliferating with every passing year. If you’re committed to making your mark in this sector, the time is ripe for availing cutting-edge services of an AR Development Company.

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