Last Updated: July 14, 2023


Ifrah Khan


With the progress in food delivery app development for restaurants, ordering food online has accelerated multiple-fold. According to statistics, over 40% of consumers prefer to use food ordering and delivery services to get their favorite food in the comforts of their homes. 

When they buy food online, their spending increases by up to 26%. There are three major areas of impact of online ordering systems on restaurants.

Customer Experience Improves

There are three major ways a food delivery app for restaurants can improve the customer experience.


Younger adults and millennials feel more confident in browsing from websites on their laptops or mobile phone screens rather than in person. They feel more productive when they save time by ordering online in only a few clicks. 

Hence, the best way to improve their customer experience is through food ordering and delivery services based online through a website or a mobile app. When they have a good experience, their engagement levels will drastically improve.


With food delivery application development, restaurants can enable customization options in their menu. This way, their customers can customize their dishes according to their preferences. The restaurant may even be able to upsell. 

If the algorithms can store the customer’s previous order data, then the ‘wow’ factor increases. This is because the customer is more likely to re-order their favorite dishes.


Calling restaurants on a regular phone network can cause a lot of issues such as calls getting dropped, no answers, having to reveal sensitive payment information, etc. With online ordering, these issues cease to exist. 

With food delivery app development for restaurants, customers can view the menu and the prices before they place the order. Payment is secured with proper payment gateways as well. Restaurants can improve efficiency by following up on the orders dispatched and checking in with the customers later. The follow-ups can also include automated emails with freebies, discounts, and promotions.

Builds Customer Loyalty

When customers visit regularly and give perpetual business to the restaurant, it builds customer loyalty. Satisfied customers often leave positive reviews, which is beneficial for restaurants. Online customers are more likely to order often in comparison to walk-in customers since online ordering is easier and more convenient.

Social media can be highly useful for a restaurant as well. A food delivery app developer can integrate an online menu as well as a calling number on the restaurant’s business page. It becomes more convenient for customers when they can order directly from social media websites. This way, they do not have to switch apps to place orders and track delivery. 

What’s more, they can be encouraged to leave reviews on those pages as well. This results in word-of-mouth advertising. When restaurants respond to customer reviews in an appropriate manner, they are more likely to get repeat business from them.

Improved Productivity And Sales

When a developer creates automated food ordering systems with food ordering app development, the front-of-house staff gets free to pay attention to dine-in customers and other areas requiring productivity. This translates to a boost in sales.

Food delivery application development can also help in collecting essential data. When businesses have more data, their marketing efforts and strategies become more effective. This is because tracking buyer data becomes easy with online food ordering. 


Final Words

When restaurants hire a developer for food delivery app development, their business can significantly increase sales and boost productivity while enriching the customer experience. A good web presence can be built with good customer reviews. It directly translates to better search engine rankings which will help the business further. A Food delivery app development company like Narola Infotech can help you with building the app you desire.

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