January 18, 2021

Leena Sanap


Having a good understanding of HR rules and policies will always be beneficial for you. As there are times when you have to deal with a situation where knowledge of such policies will give you an advantage. If you think that you know all the general HR rules and regulations then please check the below ones as they are the most rarely known ones:

The Probation Rule

Most of the candidates have a strong feeling and understanding that it is for the company to test the knowledge, skills, and compatibility of the candidate. But, what most don’t know is – it is also for employees to check the company. Neither party holds the right to get away during probation if any of them doesn’t find the other suitable or compatible.

The Bond

It is common nowadays that companies to sign a bond with the candidates to confirm their retention for a particular period of time. In many cases, it has been witnessed that the company fires the employee even after successful completion of the probation period without giving any prior notice. The candidates usually leave with shock. But Indian law allows you to ask for compensation for the remaining bond period if they fire you in between. However, it is mandatory that you have not committed any mistake mentioned in the company act of Indian law.


In times of strict deadlines, the company asks its employees to work overtime. Some of the companies pay for overtime and some don’t. The candidate should know that it is your right to ask for 1.5 times the regular hourly wages when you do overtime. So, even if the company is paying you overtime but it is lesser than 1.5 times, you can claim the remaining money.


Many candidates have tasted this sour experience where the company terminates the candidate all of a sudden. Though, HR does mention that you can be terminated without prior notice but it is not legal even if you have signed the contract. Yes, the company has to issue a warning before terminating the candidate from his service.

Bad Behavior

The companies fire the employees that behave badly or do illogical activity in the office. Here, you should know that company can even ask for compensation for behaving badly or doing insane activities and the amount can be anything depending upon the salary of the particular employee and the level of mischief he has done.

Bottom Line

Above mentioned HR rules everyone must know and to streamline the organization process HRMS must be used.

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