August 26, 2022

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Since the epidemic, people have decided to order food online rather than risk their safety by going to neighboring grocery stores, which has increased the dependence on online groceries. With more and more apps like Instacart entering the online grocery sector, businesses must differentiate themselves by providing excellent shopping experiences to customers. These are some expressive ways to drive consumer engagement with the Instacart clone app.

But before jumping on that, let's take a glimpse of how the grocery delivery app helps you grow your grocery business.

Drive More Consumer Engagement to your Business with Grocery App

Ways to Increase User Engagement With Grocery Shopping Apps Like Instacart

1. Give First-Time Visitors Lucrative Discounts

When new visitors arrive on your website, offering them enticing bargains and coupons is a terrific way to capture their interest right away and persuade them to make purchases. Take into account a brand-new user who is visiting your website for the first time.

You may entice these first-time visitors or freemium users to join by providing their personal information like email ID, phone number, gender, and date of birth and by offering discounts on specific items. The foundation of your following marketing efforts may subsequently be established using these data points. Giving new customers a discount coupon can compel them to buy your products since they anticipate receiving a discount at checkout.

2. Display The Hottest Deals On The Front Page

The most important component of every business is its face value. The face value of a brand depends on a  homepage of a website or mobile application. The greatest technique to quickly grab people's attention during Grocery Delivery app development is to use the home page effectively. Because they view the majority of the material displayed on the site, personalized homepage promotions persuade 85% of customers to make a purchase.

3. Create Customer Loyalty Programs

Every Grocery Delivery App development company should invest in programs that reward repeat business and cultivate consumer loyalty. Engagement-based loyalty is one of the most effective ways to develop a better brand experience. By offering your customers exclusive offers, coupons, and discounts, you may do this. They will be moved by this, and it will also make your customers feel valued. 

4. Use Push Notifications to Remind Customers To Come Back

Consider web push notifications as a great tool for Instacart Clone App Development. Due to the fact that they are browser-based, they are not affected by spam filters or inbox inertia. Remarketing for abandoned carts that use push notifications may turn missed sales from cart abandonment into prospective revenue. They are delivered to customers who abandon their purchases at the checkout page, just like cart abandonment emails.

It is crucial to make the notification message brief and straightforward because it serves as the main component. Here are some tips for using push notifications in the best way possible:

  • Stick to 40-120 character limits: The character limit might range from 40 to 120 depending on the browser. Choose the most crucial value proposition, then write a succinct piece with a CTA that leads the user to the following stage of the customer journey.
  • Send a series of notifications: A reminder about the abandoned product might be included in the initial communication. Through the promotion of a time-limited discount offer, the following notice might evoke a sense of urgency.

5. Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Understanding your customers is critical to enhance their experience. You can evaluate this by monitoring their behavior on your website, for instance, and then making changes. When customers are happy, they return. That is the primary goal that every grocery app development company must understand.

Visitors have the option to go to a specific page, buy anything, or just add things to the basket and leave them there. Having a path for each of them can increase conversion. Even the most complicated client journeys may be planned and executed rapidly to optimize ROI. Create, implement, and perfect consumer interactions at scale to maintain full campaign control. Depending on the customer's actions, send relevant messages through email, app push alerts, or online communications.

Brands that create a customer journey map are able to connect with their target market better at predetermined touchpoints. You may deliver targeted discounts to consumers who abandoned the cart after adding items. To boost consumer engagement, suggest relevant products, information, or deals.

6. Accept Payments From Various Modes

There are several payment options available on a global scale. More and more people are making purchases using apps rather than credit cards. Hence, consider integrating features to accept payments from UPI apps and other modes as well during grocery app development.

This will help to ensure a simple food buying and checkout process. Additionally, it enables you to cater to a large customer base through an app rather than in-store.

Hire Grocery Delivery App Developers

7. Allow Customers to Track Their Purchases

Every Instacart clone development company should understand that customers are always eager to receive their deliveries. With the help of the track and trace feature in the Instacart clone app, customers can simply monitor the progress of their ordered products. Customers may monitor their orders in real-time if businesses keep their order tracking information up to date.

the use of Push notifications is to notify customers of purchase tracking information. They have the ability to do so anytime a new or modified order is generated. Customers can also be asked for feedback on the products they have purchased as well as their overall experience using the app.

8. Cross-Sell Whenever Possible

Cross-selling is a brilliant strategy for boosting sales by recommending an additional product, which raises the average order value for each active session. A survey found that 60% of merchants believe customization increases average order value by at least 10%.

In order to provide relevant complementary product recommendations that customers may use with the product that is most likely to be purchased, a sophisticated AI engine may analyze the browsing and purchase history as well as recent consumer behavior.

For example, you may provide a complementary item to a consumer who is going to purchase a packet of bread, for instance. You may provide them with cheese, sauces, or some vegetables. In addition to increasing the value of their purchase, it also increases the profit margin.

9. Upsell Your Inventory

Another effective sales and marketing strategy is upselling, which includes convincing a consumer to purchase a more expensive product. The objective is to make the deal you already made bigger. Or, to put it more formally, to raise your customers' average order values (AOV).

10. Send Reminders to Users Who Abandoned Their Carts

In eCommerce, it is usual for customers to add items to their carts for checkout and then abandon them. Customers may receive web push alerts to remind them to check out if they add items to their basket but do not complete the process. Send the consumer a customized reminder email to remind them that there are items in their shopping cart if they have not responded to the online push notice. Offers or discounts are another way to get users back to your online grocery delivery app.

Why Do Buyers Prefer An Online Grocery Store?

Drive More Consumer Engagement to your Business with Grocery App
Hire Grocery App Developers


Customers also want to feel valued, and tailored recommendations give them that feeling. The research found that after investing in personalization, businesses saw a 45% increase in conversion rate. A customer engagement tool studies consumer behavior across the whole conversion process. You may modify your plan using this data and real-time dashboard analytics.

If you are looking for the best company to develop grocery shopping apps like Instacart, get in touch with us today, and we shall be happy to assist you with our development services.

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