January 28, 2021


Leena Sanap


The business individuals, who have a non productive app, look forward for the solution to get the same running and successful. However, they do not have much idea and roadmap to do the same. Here, they are required to hire a mobile app development team to work on the existing app and can cover the key factors, like –

Knowing Your Business

The development company before even considering the existing application must know about the business of the clients. It will help them to re-develop the application the way client want. Also, without knowing the business, they won’t be able to properly structure the application and cannot trigger the key elements into it.

Finding the problem in the app

Post to understanding the business of the client, they must check the application thoroughly to know where it is getting wrong. The application should not be just checked for coding or any functional error, but it must also be tested for conceptual error, UI/UX, accessibility, security and complexity. After checking the application on all possible grounds, they must list down the points where application needs correction as well as boost.

Gathering the Additional Requirements

Post to finding the list of errors, they must discuss the same with the client and ask him if he wants anything additional in the app other than fixing the errors and giving the applicational a logical upper hand. If client offer any suggestion/requirements, the same should be noted down positively.

Revive Plan

Based on the inputs from the client and errors found, they should create a revive plan that can effectively cover all the required elements. The plan must not be limited to solving the error and introducing client requirements, but it should be based on completely reviving the app from every possible angle.

The plan must also include the research and findings of the business analysts and market experts to keep the application unique, updated and logical to survive well in the competitive market.

Bringing the App into Construction

Finally, the app should be brought under construction, where it should be shaped, coded and structured as per the generated plan. It is very essential not to disturb the other key elements which are already functioning well in the application. While redesigning the application, they must ensure that the working module will not disturb the base, feel and charm of the app unnecessarily. The developers must be wise enough to understand that they are re-constructing the app and hence, they must not harm the areas where changes are not at all required.

The changes must be brought in the app module by module, so that it does not create any confusion and misconception. Also, they must keep a strict check on – the changes made in any given module is not affecting the working of other linked key areas.

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