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When starting a new business, it is important to focus on the problems we are solving and the long-term opportunities it offers. That will be significant in sustaining it. However, apart from the opportunities, it is also essential to understand the challenges one might face. Preparing for problems well in advance can prove to be a game-changer, especially in a highly competitive industry like Fintech.

If you want to build one of the finest fintech applications in the world, you must be aware of the challenges you might face. And we won’t just help you understand these challenges, we’ll also offer a solution to you. Read on!

What are the Challenges in Fintech App Development (and How to Overcome Them)

The challenges in Fintech app development arise due to the sensitive and confidential nature of information, multiple and simultaneous financial transactions, complicated nature of the app, and the notion among users that these apps are difficult to use.

In this section, we focus on all these points in detail and offer ways that you can use to solve them.

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Security Concerns

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide to use a Fintech app or software? No doubt, it is about security. Now, would you use a financial app that is at risk of losing your data to hackers? Of course not. And the same would apply to your app too.

One of the major issues with Fintech is data security, whether it be in mobile banking, payment apps, or any other kind of Fintech software. Things are not as straightforward as they may appear to be when it comes to virtual security. The users' money and personal data may be at risk due to the significantly more complicated internet vulnerabilities.

A small flaw in the code could have serious consequences because financial institutions store a lot of sensitive customer data. Therefore, you must strike a balance between functionality and simplicity if you want users to choose your product as their first stop for all of their financial needs.

Without adequate data security measures, you run the risk of losing customer data to hackers. Your reputation will suffer, and you could sustain considerable financial losses.

How to Overcome This

You can put robust security measures in place for your fintech app. These measures are, but not limited to

  • Real-time Notifications
  • Biometric Identification
  • Data Encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • AI Security

In fact, we have created a comprehensive blog regarding Data Security in Fintech App Development and the tools you can use to improve it. You can click here to read it.

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Integrating AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence and big data have had a significant impact on many businesses. We all feel its influence, be it recommendation systems like Netflix or personalized feeds of social media platforms. The power of big data and AI is immeasurable. You can use this power to your advantage and your users' convenience in the fintech industry too.

You can gather personal data about consumers like socioeconomic status, financial behaviour, habits, and in-app activity using big data to provide credit ratings and other high-risk banking services

Using big data and AI, it is possible to successfully manage transactions, analyse risks, and detect fraud. However, if you have an existing fintech system, integrating this technology might present a few challenges to you.

Also, you will have to ask your customers to give their approval for a new method of collecting and using their personal data in order to implement this. Keeping in mind the extra careful approach regarding personal and sensitive information, users may be wary of this.

How to Overcome This

Using machine learning to teach AI can help integrate it with big data. But to do that, you'll need a ton of data, and that might pose a problem. However, you can train your machine learning system on smaller amounts of data using a single learning model with the help of custom fintech app development in New York.

Our developers followed a similar approach when they created an accelerated machine learning model to calculate insurance costs for a client. You can read the case study by clicking here.

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Third-Party API Integration

Most fintech companies rely on third-party APIs. Functional testing of internal APIs and proper error handling for external ones are therefore essential for smooth functioning of the app. In case there is any glitch in the functioning of the APIs, the result could be disastrous.

How to Overcome This

Thorough testing is the answer to this challenge. You might need to replicate APIs and run test suites while making sure that the dummy data is accurate and relevant.

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Low Accuracy

This is the worst nightmare of any fintech solutions company since accuracy is what users expect from the app. typically, accurate data processing is difficult for fintech apps. It frequently communicates with a multitude of external APIs and micro services correctly and efficiently. It becomes more tough while using internal micro services.

However, using third-party libraries and micro-services, which may generate unusual data makes things even more challenging. Any error that is not caught during QA may have negative effects on production. That is because all of this data acquisition must be done in high volumes and in real-time.

How to Overcome This

The clear-cut answer for this challenge is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The accuracy of the data depends on how the system analyses and drives from it. Machine learning performs real-time analysis of enormous datasets through algorithms. Lending companies can quickly and simultaneously identify and make accurate decisions based on multiple data points. Utilizing such disruptive technology has many advantages, including quicker KYC, rapid credit score generation, faster fraud detection, better risk management, and lower costs.

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Complicated UI/UX

The majority of people associate fintech applications with complicated and challenging designs. There are still many people who are not that mobile savvy. For them, using a fintech app could turn out to be an intimidating experience. Also, some companies make the mistake of making the interface of the app beautiful while compromising the ability to navigate. This is a huge turn off for users.

How to Overcome This

Striking a balance between an eye-pleasing interface and users’ ability to navigate within the app is what makes or breaks a fintech app. If you partner with a fintech app development company, they will be able to make your app's visual elements neat and pleasing to the eye, incorporating innovative Fintech app ideas. That will make users’ experience with it enjoyable. Elegant visuals shouldn't disrupt user interaction or draw too much attention. It's crucial to seamlessly integrate Fintech app ideas into the overall design, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal enhances, rather than hinders, the user journey.

Lack of Expertise

Some banks or financial institutions in the Fintech sector lack suitable or usable mobile banking services. The majority of users require an easy-to-use platform, like an app, for their financial needs. With them, you can do everything quickly and conveniently like checking balances, sending quick payments, transferring money, creating accounts, and investing.

A Fintech App may use these features and technology like relocation capabilities, fingerprint unlocking, etc. to offer remarkable user experiences and exceptional payment gateway services. But you need mobile development specialists if you want to make a user-friendly banking app.

How to Overcome This

The easiest and the most appropriate way to solve this problem is to hire fintech developers. You will not only have access to a wide pool of talent but the cost will also be much lower than building an in-house team. There are many experienced companies that offer a wide range of services. Overall, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

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