January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


Web app development is one thing and checking its website effectiveness after it has been aired is a different thing. Business people get the app or website developed but mostly, never bother to check how it is performing. It is quite crucial to check the performance because the same helps you to know what are the areas that need improvement and what all are the points where it is doing good. Here, we have come up with a set of steps that will help you in evaluating your website or Web app development pretty well.

Effective Measurements

Opening Time

First of all, you must check your internet connection whether it is working fine or not. You should also check whether you are using the right device be it the laptop or mobile which is portable. Then, you need to put your domain in the search bar and check the time it takes to load. The amount of time it takes in opening the website is important so that the web users stick to your site. The ideal time should not be more than 5 seconds.

Checking the accessibility

You need to check every page of your website to know whether all the pages are opening comfortably or not. Further, do the cross opening of the pages and see, how well your website is connected internally. If you are able to move anywhere from any particular point of your website, then it passes the said test.

Different Devices & Browser

Try opening your website or web app on different devices, OS, and web browsers. If it is comfortably opening in all of them, then your website is functioning pretty well.

Quality Check

Now, it has nothing to do with the functioning of the website but it is about its internal connection. You must check the footprints of the visitors – how they are reacting to your web app. What feature they are using more. From what point most of the audience has exited. There are several tools available in the market that will help you in doing the above exercises.

Reasonable Check

You must also check the goals that you set for the website or web app. Compare them before and after the launch of the web app. If you are not able to find the significant changes, then something is wrong with the website, you need to find and fix it. The error may be related to marketing, promotion, handling, or accessing the website.

If you have a good company or freelance developer of your website then he can surely take this checklist into consideration and bring about website effectiveness pretty well.

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