January 28, 2022

Rohit Rawat


So, you have made an uber clone app and launched it. The app has received amazing responses and many people are using it. But lately, your growth has become stagnant. Your users are now trying competitors' apps and you are losing hold over your market. How-to-Make-Users-of-Your-Uber-Clone-App-Happier-info You must be wondering, what will recapture the attention of your users? What can you do to reinforce your dominance in your niche? If these questions plague you, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss ways to make users of your uber like app happier.

How to Make Users of Your Uber Clone App Happier

Scheduled Rides

Sometimes during rush hour, customers may not get a ride on time. They may have to wait for a long time to book a cab. This can get very frustrating for some users who have to go somewhere in an emergency. You can provide an alternative to users to ease their trouble. With the help of uber clone app development, you can allow users to schedule rides in advance. You can give them the option to choose the date and time when they want to travel. The app can then send the driver details to the users 30 minutes before the scheduled ride. This feature provides relief to users and boosts your brand image!

Smart Pickups

Sometimes users are in a huge building or a large campus. In that case, it becomes difficult for your uber clone app driver to understand where exactly the rider is. Many gates and lanes may share the same name. Imagine walking across the entire campus because the cab arrived at a different gate. To give more convenience to the users, you can update the algorithm of your uber-like app. The smart pickup feature will use the same technology used at airports to give the driver the exact location. This will not only save a lot of time but will also improve the user experience. 

Notes to Driver

There is another way to ensure smooth pickups from your uber clone app. Apart from giving the details of the driver, you can also allow users to leave specific instructions. The users can leave additional details for the driver about the pickup.  Sometimes users need to book a cab for their family or their clients. Giving additional details to the driver about any special needs for the rider will prove to be very helpful.

Return Rides

Sometimes a user might find the skills of a driver to their liking. They may want to travel with that specific driver on the way back. Giving them the option to book the same driver on the way will make users happier!  If you make this feature available on your uber-like app, the user experience will shoot through the roof. You can provide this option when the ride ends with a one-click booking.

Request for Lost Items

Sometimes users accidentally leave important stuff in the cab after their ride ends. This may cause significant concern to them. The user will have to contact the driver who is already on to his next ride. Figuring out a way to retrieve the left-behind item could be a hassle.  Improve the image of your uber clone app by assisting the users with lost items. Arrange for the item to be recovered from the cab and delivered to the user at little or no cost. The users will appreciate your effort to give them the best service.

Tip the Driver

Sometimes the drivers go out of their way to provide flawless service to the rider. Although there is an option to rate and review the experience, some users may want to do a little extra. Giving the option to tip the drivers might prove beneficial for both the drivers and the riders.  Drivers who are tipped will receive a bonus for their service and the users will be able to express their gratitude. Overall, it will improve the image of your uber-like app. 

In Conclusion

You can use the points mentioned above to improve the experience of your users. But the main challenge will be to integrate those features properly. For that, you need a competitive Uber clone app development company. At Narola Infotech, our developers have much experience in working with similar projects. So, if you want to upgrade your uber clone app, contact us any time.

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