March 28, 2022

Mrunali Gaikwad


Creating a social media platform is a great idea.  But did you say you want an app like Facebook Well, that’s not a problem. However, it may become one if you don’t pay attention to several aspects.  It’s that time when all generations are more inclined towards social media. Probably everyone is busy maintaining their timelines and flaunting their “oh-so-perfect” lives. Definitely, it’s a great decision to launch your social media app.  But the question is, why would users prefer another app that’s just like Facebook when they are actively using the BIG platform itself? How-to-Make-a-Facebook-Clone-App-That-Becomes-Successful-in-2022-info1 Developing a Facebook clone app means you will be competing with the industry giant in the first place. If copying its features could win the users’ hearts, things would have been easier. You surely know that’s not enough, and it’s probably why you are here.  

The Secret to a Successful Facebook Clone

To succeed in the competitive environment, observing and analyzing the growth strategies of your competitors isn’t enough. You should also pay attention to their setbacks and understand the reason behind them.  As a social media app development company, we have witnessed various clients and watched them struggle. However, moving ahead with the right approach and a clear, progressive plan in mind always garners success.  Trends and preferences among social media app users have changed a lot over time. Since change is inevitable, you can only match its pace to keep moving ahead. We have listed some important features and elements that an app like Facebook should have in 2022. 

Basic Features and Functionalities

Some of the essential features and functionalities for social media apps include: 

Profile Registration

At the very beginning, it’s essential to add a profile creation feature to your social media app that requires the email ID of the users. 

Integration with Other Social Media Platforms

Integrating your social media app with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram is a great idea. It will help in generating organic traffic quicker than usual. Plus, users these days prefer sharing content across multiple platforms at a time. Thus it will be an advantage for everyone. 

Engaging User Interface

You want your users to return to the app several times throughout the day. Therefore, an engaging, user-friendly interface is a must. But make sure you do not complicate things. The user interface should allow the users to create profiles without much hassle. Try to keep it simple yet appealing enough to keep the users hooked. 

News Feed

Any user, whether an individual or a company, joins social media to connect to people with similar interests. A Facebook clone app would be incomplete without a news feed that keeps the user updated. 

Profile Update Option

Provide profile editing options to the users that let them modify their profile and present themselves in a better way. The users will be able to connect with more people with similar interests. This will consequently attract more users to your platform and retain the existing ones. Indeed, user experience is of much importance. 

Facilitate File Sharing

Whether you are developing a Facebook clone app for Android or iPhones, it should allow sharing content in various forms. People regularly deal with images, videos, and audio content and wish to share it with their connections. Fulfilling this need will fix your app’s place in the users’ phones.  Do not forget how important it is that your social media app supports stickers, emojis, and GIFs. These elements make your app more interactive and improve the user experience. 

Chats/Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is one of the main reasons why Facebook and other social media apps got popular among users. Adding an instant messaging feature will allow users to stay connected and communicate with their friends. Moreover, try adding some innovative properties to this functionality. We’ll talk more about the importance of innovation later.  

Seamless Customization 

Social media apps offer a different world to the users where they present themselves as they want. When you develop a clone app like Facebook, it should allow seamless customization to the users. They should be allowed the flexibility to add, remove, or edit friends and connections. Users should be able to decide and choose who they share their updates with. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are great tools to keep your users hooked to the app. You can use notifications to inform them about updates from their closest connections/friends or a new feature they would like.   While we discussed some basic functionalities and features for a Facebook clone app, it’s important you catch up with the trend too.  Over time, as new technologies emerge, social media apps tend to get better with new features. Here are some of the trending features that you should consider for on-demand Facebook clone app development

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Integrating your app with AI and chatbots will help you make it future-ready and serve the users in the best way possible. You can leverage AI technology to understand users’ behavior and predict their interests. You can use this information to present the right content to different users. 

Face Filters and AR

Adding face filters to your social media apps is a great idea. It can help your app stand on the same wavelength as other competitors like Instagram and Snapchat. Besides, more users like to hide behind filters and create a world of their own. You can make the best use of Augmented Reality (AR) to come up with some interesting face filters. 

Live Video Streaming

For a change, users are now more interested in watching live videos than reading long posts. You may already know how Instagram reels are getting more popular every day. Enhancing video and live-video experiences could be a great way to keep the users engaged.  

Multi-Language Support

How-to-Make-a-Facebook-Clone-App-That-Becomes-Successful-in-2022-info People from all over the world with different language preferences use social media apps. Offering multi-language support is crucial to make sure more and more people connect through your Facebook clone app

Transient Content

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and all social media platforms are making the best of this popular social media trend. Users are more interested in posting temporary content that lasts for only 24 hours. This is a great way to share day-to-day updates with connections.  They can also react to stories which makes them more interactive. You surely need something like this for your upcoming social media app.  These were the trends and basic features that a social media app should have.  But is it enough?  Does it guarantee success?  As a Facebook clone app development company, we know that the secret ingredient to a successful clone will always be INNOVATION. 

The Importance of Innovation

Everybody knows that Facebook is the most popular social media platform with the highest number of active users. However, only a few understand the shift in interest among millennials and Genz that prefer using Instagram over Facebook.   Surveys show that it’s because of the aesthetics and focus on visual content that initiates this change. Moreover, the recent data breaches and privacy concerns with Facebook ruined its relationship with users.  Lately, Facebook has failed to bring something innovative and engaging to retain young users. This is a red flag for the giant as Snapchat and Instagram continue to grow and take over its market.   The only reason we are telling you this is to keep you from repeating these mistakes. If you wish success for your Facebook clone app, you should be willing to add something new to it. That’s how you survive in this industry in the long run.    hire-facebook clone app developer

Summing Up

Entering the market with a Facebook clone app is undeniably a great decision. However, success is dependent on how well you present your app idea. We hope the blog clarifies why innovation is key and what are the basic and trending features that your app needs.  Besides, experts at Narola Infotech are always happy to help you with efficient solutions for Facebook clone app development. Feel free to consult us anytime. 

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