September 7, 2022


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If you are reading this, then you must be in need of React developers for your project. You would want to hire ReactJS developers who are the best developers based on your requirements and needs. However, finding the right talent is often a task. But, there are several factors that can help you determine the best choice. These factors include experience, skills, technical proficiency, and much more.

The demand for hiring ReactJS developers is significantly increasing with every passing day. Several companies are providing ReactJS web development services in freelance modes or on a contract basis. In this blog, you shall read about these factors in detail, and you will have a detailed roadmap that can simplify your process of hiring ReactJS developers. You will also understand why Narola can be your best choice when it comes to providing React web development services.

These stats will show why React for web development is a good choice.

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So, How Do You Hire ReactJs Developers For Your Company?

While hiring a ReactJS Developer, it is important to evaluate their professional experience. When you read ahead, you will find that this blog introduces you to some of the questions and necessities that will help you develop a filter while you interview ReactJS developers. 

But before jumping into these factors that help lay a filter, let us understand some of the primary roles and responsibilities of a ReactJS developer. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a ReactJS Developer

When you hire ReactJS developer you must ensure their portfolio has the following listed under their duties, roles, and responsibilities:

  • Creating UI codes using mock wireframes and mock designs. 
  • Monitoring the code over a period of time to improve the performance of the application if necessary. 
  • Using the React toolkit to develop interactive UI components. 
  • Create reusable and cross-compatible HTML, JavaScript, and CSS components and also optimize them. 
  • Writing expressive, modern, creative, and concise UI code by utilizing the CSS preprocessors including SASS and LESS, stylesheets, and JavaScript.
  • Analyzing QA processes which include end-to-end testing, unit testing, and integration testing. 
  • Managing applications and their state and functional performances. 
  • Making asynchronous API calls to derive data from the states by using handy ReactJS development tools like Redux and Context APIs which are ReactJS workflows. 

Hiring The Best ReactJS Developer for Your Requirements

The number of companies and websites that are using ReactJS is exponentially growing with every passing day. Hence, ReactJS developers are in demand. So every time you hire ReactJS developers to develop your project’s needs, you must have an idea of how well-versed they are with ReactJS and its capabilities. 

If you are figuring out where to begin, let Narola Infotech help you. Everybody wants to hire the best talents for their venture, and this is definitely a challenging ordeal. There are several sequences of steps that you must validate before hiring. Here are the steps that you must consider.

Step 1: Conduct a Thorough Background Check of The Candidate

The first and foremost thing that you must do is review the resumes and CVs of all the applicants. Have your HR team seated beside you and thoroughly research the background of the candidate. Analyze the candidate’s app development portfolio. Check the specialization.

Pro tip: Check out the technologies that the candidate has worked on. Also, check if the candidate is proficient with ReactJS and its competitor - Angular. 

Step 2: Make Preparations for The Interview

Assuming you are the hiring manager of a technologically driven company, it is very important that you are aware of all the technical terminologies and the technical domains that your company uses. If you are aware, it becomes easier for you to ask relevant questions to the candidate during the interview. It can still be a setback because it is usually very difficult to identify a developer’s expertise in ReactJS. But there are always some tell-tale signs that the candidate has put in some effort to prepare for the interview. 

How to Hire ReactJS Developers the Right Way

Step 3: Assess The Overall Result And Hire The Ideal Candidate.

Taking a call over the final candidate can still be a dilemma. However, you can achieve this through persistence and a rigorous hiring process. Irrespective of the company and the position, it is always difficult to tell if the candidate is worth their salt or not. But if you are alert in observing, you will definitely be able to hire the right candidate. 

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Important Skills You Should Look at Before Hiring ReactJS Developers

If you are looking to hire a ReactJS developer, it is understood that developers with more years as experts have a better hold on technology than those who have fewer years of expertise. Most expert ReactJS developers have these skills:

Technical Skills

Your ideal ReactJS developer must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The candidate must have familiarity with HTML 5, CSS3, and NodeJS and must be proficient with ReactJS web development functionalities. An experience with React Native is good to have. Also, the candidate must be a team player.

JavaScript & ECMAScript

The ideal candidate is well versed with JavaScript and its functionalities. The candidate must have the caliber to convert ReactJS components into reusable elements using JavaScript’s operational methods and functions. 

Also, an experienced ReactJS developer will have in-depth knowledge about ECMAScript. The candidate will be well-versed with the functions, features, hoisting, scopes of JS, syntaxes, DOM manipulation, and event bubbling.

JavaScript Build Tools

The ideal candidate must have prior experience working with several JavaScript tools, and developing several JavaScript-based applications. Also, it is good to have experience in Developer Tools like Redux DevTools, and Google Chrome extensions. 

About Narola Infotech and Finding the Right Candidate - a pro tip

You may want to work with Narola Infotech if you want to hire some of the best ReactJS developers. Narola Infotech is a ReactJS development company that has highly skilled, and highly qualified ReactJS developers who have several years of experience.

They are well-versed with technology and have worked on several projects. Narola Infotech offers the best ReactJS development services in the industry. Our expertise is unmatchable, and our clientele is proof of the same.

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Wrapping up!

If you have scrolled this far, you must have gotten an understanding and an in-depth guide to ReactJS. Hiring ReactJS developers for your project needs is definitely not easy, but with the steps, we have mentioned, you can nail the hiring process. 

Re-read the points mentioned above and make sure that the candidate you hire has sufficient expertise in all the ongoing technological trends. Also, having expertise in project management is nice to have. 

At Narola infotech, we have a pool of certified, and talented ReactJS developers who will help you with your project needs. Our ReactJS developers will help you build high-end web and mobile applications that will scale all your business needs economically. We also provide custom ReactJS development services because we understand that not one shoe fits all!

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