January 21, 2021


Leena Sanap


WordPress is a notable CMS which is generally used as a blogging platform. WordPress is surely understand for its extensibility and this is the reason WordPress is not constrained to serve as a blogging platform. Numerous websites are using WordPress to serve as e-trade websites.

Numerous individuals feel that starting an online business can be an extremely troublesome task and it will require substantial investment keeping in mind the end goal to set up the website and the instalment/truck stuff. Be that as it may, this is not valid. In spite of the fact that there are numerous expensive e-business tools out there, however in the event that you would prefer not to invest much, you can use WordPress and turbo accuse it of some plugins to make your own particular rockstar style e-trade website.

The best plugin to start your own particular WordPress controlled eCommerce website is WP e-Commerce. It is an intense and free WordPress plugin with supportive group support. Take after this guide and before the end of this article, you will be perused to start your own particular WordPress eCommerce site.

Free WordPress Ecommerce plugin Save

Before pushing ahead you should purchase a hosting for your WordPress site and setup a WordPress site. For more see our WordPress How-To Guide [Link].

When you have set up a site and tinkered with WordPress features its opportunity to get somewhat serious. WP e-Commerce plugin treats every one of your posts as a thing page, so before going ahead i will suggest you to erase all your trash posts and pages. Also I will suggest you to change the Uncategorized classification to something else like “Drove TVs or Mobiles”.

  • Tweaking your WordPress Settings
  • Goto Settings > General and tick stamp Anyone can register.
  • Goto Settings > Permalink and change the permalink structure to Custom and enter the accompanying in the content box /%postname%/.
  • Goto Settings > Discussions and uncheck all the boxes
  • Save Settings after every step.

WP E-Commerce Plugin Installation and setup

The step will to install the WP e-Commerce plugin. In case, you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, you can straightforwardly goto Plugins > Add New and search for WP e-commerce and afterward click install tab alongside WP e-Commerce plugin.

To Install the plugin you have to activate the plugin

When you activate the plugin you will see Product menu in your dashboard and Store alternative in Settings. The Product menu is used to include new items and Settings > Store contains some settings identified with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Symfony Components are reusable PHP libraries that you can finish distinctive assignments with, for example, frame creation, object design, directing, validation, templating, and numerous others. You can introduce any of the Components with the Composer PHP reliance supervisor. The website of Symfony has a cool showcase segment where you can take a look at the projects developers finished with the assistance of this convenient framework.

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