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Software application testing services are on the verge of a radical transformation in which automation testing will replace manual testing service. And rightly so. Customers desire frequent product upgrades and new features, while corporations seek to reduce time to market to achieve a competitive advantage. These can occur if you use more automation testing and less manual testing, which costs time and effort.

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To gain the benefits of automated software testing, you require rigorous preparation and flawless execution. For this, you need a solid roadmap for test automation strategy to achieve the goals you want.

Build an Effective Automation Testing Strategy

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This section will walk you through the process of developing a successful automation testing plan.

Identify Your Goals

The first step of building an automation testing strategy is to identify the goals you want to achieve with that. There are some common objectives that every company wants to achieve with automation testing.

Quick Result

This is the most obvious goal of automation testing. The quicker a company gets results, the faster it can weed out the bugs if any. In doing so, it can reduce the time to launch the digital solution in the market.

Improved Accuracy

Accuracy is another aspect where automated testing service beats human intervention in testing. When handling technical errors, there should be no room for mistakes, and automation ensures that.


With automation, there is no need to employ people for manual testing. Therefore, it reduces the cost of QA considerably. The one-time investment in automation testing will surely give you high returns in the long run.

Choose the Right Tools

When it comes to an automated testing approach, selecting a set of testing tools is critical. You must verify that all of the tools you use for script execution improve the process instead of restricting it. There are many solutions with identical features to choose from, thus, making it difficult to decide which one to use.

Therefore, the developer will be required to consider some factors that influence the choice of the testing tools. We have provided a small list below-


There are many testing tools with a multitude of features. You will be tempted to opt for the automation testing service that offers the most advanced features. But you must refrain from doing that. You should first identify how simple or complex your testing requirement is and then select the most appropriate tool.


It is essential to use a solution that has data management functions. You will not have to depend on several solutions for the different functionalities related to software testing.


This feature will further reduce the time and effort of your developers. Choosing a tool that allows you to have a database of already written scripts will be a huge plus. That way, developers won’t have to create the scripts from scratch.


Imagine choosing a tool and working with it, and it shutdowns after a few years. This will put you in a critical situation. Instead, choose a tool that has an active community, a strong reputation, and is in no danger of shutting down.

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Select the Appropriate Testing Framework

The most important feature of a testing framework is scalability. Software testing service providers must ensure that the framework chosen is scalable as developers will be using it for multiple projects. Apart from that, the testing framework should also include an execution and a reporting system, and an option to re-execute previously failed tests.

We are best software testing company in USA & here are a few basic points that you must keep in mind before selecting a testing framework-


To get the required result, it is essential that the scope of the test is well-defined. If not, you might miss out on some major insights that the test has to offer.

Regular Code Review

This ensures that the entire team is on the same page regarding the testing standards and makes sure it follows them.

Proper Documentation

This comprises all tool-related documents and test results that help QA developers handle issues during script execution. It will also help if the team members have the option to share the results with each other.

Setup the Testing Environment

Setting up your test environment properly for quality assurance solutions will direct you on the path to a successful testing process. Since it is a balanced mix of software and hardware, here are a few points that will come in handy-

Availability of Appropriate Hardware and Software

This comprises both hardware and other tools that assist the required operating system, the required number of displays, and so on.

You need to check how your program interacts with other software that a user has installed. If this is the case, make sure to have all of the extra software and file sets ready ahead of time. Check that your team understands how to utilize all of the applications required for proper management of the testing environment.

Collect Data

Make sure that you have the suitable dataset available before you execute the script from the software test automation services. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to complete the test.

Schedule the Test

You might face a problem if both the development team and testing team share the same environment. Make sure both teams have separate time slots to work on the product.

Develop a Test Execution Plan

So you understand the requirement and scope of the testing process. You have the best software testing service providers and tools ready and the environment successfully set up. All you need to do now is plan the execution. The following points will help you do that-

Daily Tasks

This will include the tasks which the team needs to perform daily like generating reports, sharing them, updating the progress, etc.

Define Best Practices

The guidelines will help the team follow a set procedure and will help in the interaction of test cases with the parts of the tested application.

Analyze the Results

Following the execution of a set of tests, you must collect insights and compile them into a legible and succinct document that will assist developers in improving the product. There are programs that generate reports automatically, you simply need to modify the information.

There are a few tricks that make the analysis and reporting of test results of the
automated testing service easier and more efficient.

Analyze Results Together

By comparing data from different testing sessions, you can monitor progress, detect recurring difficulties, find tests that need to be improved, etc. In addition, if you discover a problem that was not mentioned in the prior report, it will be easier for a developer to determine what caused the change.

Include Data Visualization

The reports will have more value if you combine them together in a visual format like a table, diagram, or graph. That will allow you to compare the results more clearly.

best software testing company in usa

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