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If you are a business owner and you aim to take over the market, it is essential to ensure your app has its presence on all platforms. However, the major challenge here is the difficulty to build a native app for each platform as it is costly and cumbersome. Hence, the solution to this is cross-platform app development using ReactJS. 

Custom ReactJS development services allow customers to have their apps developed by experts using ReactJS. Customers need to brief their requirements to companies providing these services, and they will receive a customized solution for their requirements. 

In this blog, we will talk about what is ReactJS, Famous apps built using ReactJS, factors affecting app development cost, and how ReactJS can reduce it.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is required to build user interfaces. Facebook gets the credit for releasing this open-source framework. Post its release in 2013, ReactJS has been enjoying lots of popularity. React web development focuses on the efficiency, user experience, and simplicity of the web apps it develops.

Features of ReactJS

Famous Apps Built With ReactJS

Several biggies have made timely switches and have used ReactJS for their app development needs. These biggies have credited ReactJS for the advantages that it brings on to the table. Here is a list of some of the extremely popular companies that have established their presence in the digital era. 


Who hasn’t heard of Instagram? Today, it is one of the most popular mobile applications with over 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram developers chose ReactJS to deliver faster and manage the huge customer base.


UberEats is a popular food delivery and food ordering app. It switched to ReactJS in its early days to enhance its dashboard of built-in restaurants. Their enhanced built-in dashboard attracts several clients today and has increased the customer base significantly.


Bloomberg is a widely popular app that provides finance and business news from across the world. It chose ReactJS for web app development and incorporated new features, and focused on providing good UX.

Factors That Influence App Development Costs

Before understanding how ReactJS can bring down app development costs, let us dig deep into understanding the factors that influence app development costs.

Factors that influence app development costs

Type of App Development

One of the most important factors determining app development costs is the type of app you are looking to develop. A wise choice here is to opt for cross-platform development as it allows you to reduce costs and save tons of time. However, if you wish to opt for the design and development of software separately, it will be costly.

App Platform

The next important factor that plays a crucial role in determining app development costs is the app platform that you wish to choose. Both iOS and Android app development involve different levels of programming and varied ReactJS developer tools available in the market. Also, the user experience on both platforms is extremely different. Hence, determining the app platform will help in deciding the development time, cost, and manpower that you need.

UI and UX design

A good ReactJS web development company will not compromise on user experience. Design plays an important role in any app development process. The development cost of your app will largely depend on the specifications and features you wish to add. For example, you can consider in-built templates or build templates from scratch. When you use in-built templates, your work becomes easier, and faster and reduces app development time.

App Testing

In each stage, it is important to verify if the software runs properly or not. All the bugs and vulnerabilities must be eliminated before the app is released into the market. It improves the app’s quality and minimizes issues. To run these quality checks, you need experts in QA. The size of this QA team depends on the size of your app.

Updates and Maintenance 

It can greatly affect the cost of web and app development. These costs can include updating dependencies and libraries, fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities, and implementing new features. Additionally, regular maintenance such as monitoring performance and ensuring compatibility with new devices and browsers can add to the overall cost.

A react web development company can help to mitigate these costs by providing ongoing application support and maintenance services, as well as implementing best practices for code organization and testing to reduce the likelihood of bugs and security issues. However, it's important to note that ongoing updates and maintenance will be a part of the overall cost of the project.

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How Does ReactJS Help Cut Development Costs?

Although ReactJS web development services have been a big hit, the cost of developing an app can still come to bite you. However, you must know that, unlike other frameworks, ReactJS is an economical option. Below is a list of some of the most influential factors that enable ReactJS to reduce development costs.


ReactJS largely allows for the reusability of components. The reusability feature applies to ready-to-use components and also to components that developers build from the scratch. In this way, they save time as they can use a single component in more than one project. It saves money and also catalyzes the development process.

Faster Time to Market

ReactJS allows you to come up with an MVP quite quickly. Using the MVP, you can gradually build your entire application. You need not spend lots of time and money if you start with MVP. If you choose to build the whole application in a single go, you will have to invest lots of capital. To add to it, the entire process shall be extremely cumbersome.


When you use ReactJS to build simple MVPs, you can release them into the market by making them accessible to a small group of people who form a part of your targeted audience. You can collect feedback from this group and incorporate the necessary changes (if any) into your app. This process will help you understand where you lack in terms of UI & UX and improve accordingly.

Ready-to-Use Components

ReactJS consists of several components that can further be divided into sub-components. These sub-components are assigned the responsibility for a small piece of the app. These factors justify that ReactJS was built with a component-based approach in mind. 

These components and subcomponents can be reused in other app development within the React framework. Hence, developers need not re-invest their time and energy in building these components and subcomponents from scratch time and again.

Easy to Learn, Understand, And Deploy

ReactJS is extremely easy to understand and learn. It is also convenient for developers to deploy this framework.

Low Maintenance Cost

Generally, most native apps require periodic updates for every mobile device separately. In the case of cross-platforms, there is flexibility available to avoid versioning. When you use ReactJS, you are practically dealing with just single coding. Hence, you can fix bugs for a single piece of code only. This reduces app development costs, thus making maintenance less in number.

Now, if you want to build an app and choose an outsourcing company, the many options will confuse you. Therefore, we have made a list of tips that you can use before selecting a company to work with.


If you have scrolled this far, you must have figured that ReactJS indeed cuts lots of development costs. It is slowly garnering its grip within the industry and is here to stay.

Developers can build mobile apps at minimum costs and in reduced time. It also enhances your app’s performance, quality, and user experience. You can hire ReactJS developers or outsource them from trusted ReactJS companies like Narola Infotech.

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