August 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


Upscaling your existing application by making use of modern technologies and up-to-date availability of tools and techniques is perhaps the best way to add value to it. Application modernization services are exactly that. They help you stay afloat in the competitive and ever-evolving market demands.

We are a ReactJS development company and in this blog, we would highlight what are the nuances of application modernization services with ReactJS.

Why Application Modernization Services?

Deprecated architectures, dated legacy applications, non-interactive UI/UX modules, and other such complex solutions that significantly impact your business processes by making them slower and ill-functioning can be transformed with application modernization services.

The next question that might cross your mind is what are the types of applications that can be handled by a ReactJS development company for modernization? Applications lacking agility, dated infrastructures, legacy applications, etc. are eligible for application modernization services using ReactJS.

With ReactJs Development Services for legacy app modernization, you have an effective and budget-friendly way to upgrade. With application modernization services, a Reactjs development company can put their team of best React JS developers to revamp your existing application to a more robust, user-friendly, and extensible solution.

Why Hire Reactjs Developers for Application Modernization?

The answer is simple: ReactJS has the most suited capabilities to alter an existing and functioning application. React follows a downward data flow, meaning that any changes in the child structure will not cause changes in the parent structure.

This makes things simpler for React developers. In order to modify an object, only that particular state is changed and thereby updated. Thus, the code alteration occurs only for the segment that needs upgradation.

According to a report by Github in 2020, when a survey was conducted for some 65,000 front-end developers, 35.90% of them opted for the ReactJS framework.

It is also notable that ReactJS is wrapped in a single module. This ensures effortless migration. ReactJS developers can seamlessly integrate with the existing framework without having to interrupt the ongoing workflows.

How to go ahead with ReactJs for Application Modernization Services:

Re-engineering your application with ReactJS development services is a step-by-step and consolidated process. It can be briefly explained as:

  • Reviewing the existing application in terms of how it is built, its existing functionalities, modules, the coding, scope for improvement, etc.
  • Building a development strategy around the analysis and assessing whether you have the required team and resources where every React JS developer can fulfill the needs.
  • The actual task of re-modeling and development keeping all the agendas of your client in mind and keeping the process an iterative one.
  • Introducing the application in the real environment after testing and debugging. 
  • Handing over the application after making changes and ensuring that the job has been smoothly accomplished.

There might be a situation where you as an investor or a business owner may not know the extensibility of application modernization services that can be achieved when you hire ReactJS developers for your project. Here’s what can be possibly done subjective of your project:

  • Re-engineering: 

Keeping in mind the latest IT practices and making use of a better programming language like ReactJS, you can completely transform your application into a more efficient one. It’s not merely about changing codes, tools, adding features, etcetera. It is about introducing quality in your application along with maintaining its integrity.

  • Code Refactoring:

This involves reformation in the backend where you keep the end result constant but make amends in the coding segment making a big difference in the performance by the improvisation. It might be the simplest form of application modernization approach, yet, with the right React developer, you can experience a significant change in output.

  • Replatforming:

Our ReactJS development company can help you in taking a step ahead in legacy app modernization. Nowadays, it is ideal that businesses want their applications to be migrated to the cloud. We are driven by observing the best possible step for you and will architecture the modernization approach accordingly.

  • Improving user interface UI:

The ultimate aim of undertaking this revamping process is to improve the way your end-user i.e. your employees or clients/customers interact with your application. Having the right functions in the right place and keeping them aligned with what your best competitors are offering is extremely important.

  • Added Functionality:

Last, but not the least, is introducing new modules, functions, and features in the application. Are your apps ready for today’s world like AI, automation, cloud platform, scalability, etc? Is it future-ready too? Well, here’s the good news. With ReactJS app modernization, you can envision this happening.

In Conclusion:

There’s no better time than now to sign up for application modernization services with an able ReactJS development company like Narola Infotech. Without causing any disruption to your ongoing business, we can parallelly straighten the path to success for you.

Whether it is simply assessment, execution, migration, or remediation services, our team of React JS developers is adept at handling every challenge you put our way. We thrive with the possibilities that a new project brings in making it bigger and better with each transformation.

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