July 12, 2022


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Are you planning to choose ReactJS development for your startup business? Curious to know why big brands like Pinterest and Skype opt for this framework? Let's explore the reasons.

Early in 2022, we will witness a tremendous technical shift around the globe. The last two and a half years have seen significant growth in web and mobile application development. Customers are looking for fresh, intuitive, interactive interfaces for the optimal end-user experience. Businesses are looking for ways to enhance customer experience. 

ReactJS web development is one of the preferred tech tools to create engaging, interactive, and intuitive end-user interfaces. Moreover, it requires minimal coding. It is also one of the most preferred frameworks because it offers faster and better performance. These factors make it one of the best choices for businesses aiming to create interactive, faster, and user-friendly mobile app interfaces.

Why Should Companies Switch to ReactJS?

Why must companies switch to ReactJS web development when there are several other frameworks? A question like this is relevant, given we have so many software frameworks available in the software industry. 

However, it is essential to understand the evolution of the software industry. It has been evolving over the years. The ecosystem of frontend development has significantly changed over the years. Every now and then, we have new tools that are released. All these tools have varied frameworks with new features and libraries. Hence, these can put business owners in a dilemma. 

However, after the massive success of apps like Instagram and Facebook that are built using the fundamentals of ReactJS, developers and startups are convinced that ReactJS is indeed the best choice for their developmental needs. 

Now, the question that arises is, why ReactJS is becoming the obvious preferred choice of companies. Read on to find out!

Global Companies Using ReactJS

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS, also known as React, is an open-source, flexible, declarative, efficient, accessible, and component-based JavaScript framework that aids in developing interactive and intuitive end-user interfaces. Facebook's React helps software developers create a fast, simple, scalable, and efficient front-end web application.

Now, Before moving on to the pros of ReactJS that make it the favorite choice of startups and businesses, let us dive into some stats!

Key Stats of ReactJS

Read on to find out some authenticated stats gathered from several reliable sources.

  1. Per survey conclusions submitted to the NPM Trends, ReactJS web development is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that has seen as many as 15 million package downloads. 
  2. About 45% of the developers from across the globe use the ReactJS framework making it the most widely used framework globally. 
  3. Stack Overflow has provided insights stating that ReactJS is the most popular framework among as many as a whopping 42% of professional developers across the globe. 
  4. Thin Slices has reported that about 9000 industry leaders (those who own startups and large companies) use ReactJS in their projects. 
  5. A report from the State of JavaScript has said that nearly 85% of the developers are happy and satisfied with the features of ReactJS.
  6. The State of JavaScript has also reported that nearly 90% of the developers switched to ReactJS in 2021. 
  7. Hacker News, Hiring Trends report has confirmed that ReactJS developers are in demand compared to the developers using other frameworks.

Key Advantages of React.js:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Reusable components
  • Mobile app development

What Reasons Make ReactJS the Most Preferred Choice by Startups and Large Businesses?

With so many companies using React JS including some of the top brands in the whole world, React must be offering some extraordinary benefits, right?

Of course, it does.

The answer to this question lies in understanding the advantages and benefits that ReactJS puts out for its users. Let us dive deeper into it.

High Speed of Development

Speed of development is something that every startup craves. That is because they want their product to reach their user in the fastest time possible. React's ability to quickly optimize all reusable components makes it simple for app developers to include new features.

You can keep an eye on the project at all times, or hire ReactJS developers who will keep you updated. ReactJS is ideal for creating iOS and Android apps. The quality will not degrade even though there will be a huge reduction in the time of the development.

Custom Components

It is important for startups as well as big-scale companies to listen to what their users are saying and work on it. If anything goes unaddressed, users will take notice and may stop using the app. Sometimes the demands are such that it requires custom components. Thankfully, ReactJS web development makes it easy to build custom components.

JSX, a popular syntactic extension, comes with ReactJS. Developers can generate custom components depending on the needs of the users using this method. These components are most commonly used with HTML quoting. Furthermore, it will make the rendering of subcomponents very simple. JSX is extensively used by developers to write custom components, generate React Element trees from HTML mock-ups, and make scalable apps. 

ReactJS is Declarative

ReactJS is declarative, making it easier for developers to develop an intuitive and interactive user interface for web applications. When ReactJS is used, developers can build simple pictorial views at every web application stage. The data within the stages is automatically auto-updated; every time there is new data, it gets updated.

Efficient Testing

App testing is something that not just startups but every business must invest in. If there is any kind of technical fault in the app and persists for a long time, users will definitely ditch it after some time. ReactJS allows developers to easily test the app, taking a heavy load off their shoulders.

Another reason the ReactJS framework has been chosen over other frameworks is the simplicity with which app developers can test their work. Effecting application testing with React is quite straightforward, requiring only a few basic actions.

There are certain frameworks that this platform supports when it comes to app testing. Developers can simply see the results, cases, and testing procedures using these frameworks. The ECMAScript 6 section for React is ideal for app developers who want dynamic exposure.

Looking to hire a ReactJS Development Team?

Fast Rendering

What matters the most to a startup is the functioning of its app. If anything goes wrong, it can jeopardize its entire image. If there is a delay in rendering after a user gives a command on the app, it may lead to them getting frustrated and uninstalling the app. However, React development has a solution for this.

When designing a high-load, complicated application, it's critical to first determine the app's structure. That is because it will have a big impact on its performance. Many apps use Document Object Model or DOM, but there is an issue with it. Even minor changes to any layer can affect the application's user interface. However, Facebook has released a new tool called Virtual DOM to address the problem.

This is a virtual DOM format, as the name implies. App developers can use this to test the changes using the virtual DOM first to see how well they function. Possible hazards can therefore be avoided. Developers can also utilize virtual DOM to create a sophisticated UI while maintaining excellent app performance.

Better App Stability

It is important for startups to create a good first impression on their users. That is essential for a positive brand image and to retain the users. However, most new apps are marred by crashes and technical problems. That could result at the end of the business and loss of faith among users. But ReactJS web development comes to the rescue here too.

ReactJS can readily upgrade itself over time to provide new functionality. It will never go out of style as long as Facebook controls the platform. Due to ReactJS's capacity to carry out the long-term interface of mobile and web apps, businesses favor this platform above others.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

This is another significant feature of ReactJS that will immensely help startups. New businesses want their product to reach as many people as possible. However, the audience is divided between Android users and iOS users. Therefore, startups have to make separate apps for both platforms which takes a lot of time and money. But the magic of ReactJS doesn’t allow that to happen.

The framework allows developers to create a high-performance app that runs on both Android and iOS platforms. Without creating additional code, they can quickly insert reused routines into the framework. ReactJS development services have removed the need for a variety of programming languages, including C, Java, Swift, and others.

You can hire a single ReactJS developer to kickstart your project instead of a large team of iOS and Android devs. You won't have to recompile the apps because a single code is going to be useful for both Android and iOS.

Just like every other technology, there are certain applications of React development where it works best. Developers must know what they are so they can make the most of them.
When to Use ReactJS?

Since we have already shed light on what makes ReactJS the most widely used framework, we shall now understand when we must use ReactJS and under what circumstance. Read on to find out!

Single Page Application Or SPA

JavaScript files are downloaded from the static server. These files are then interpreted by browsers that generate HTML structures. The HTML page consists of the entire application, and the JavaScript handles all the other stuff. Hence, the most commonly used single-page application is ReactJS. Developers who require server-side services can use Next.JS, an advanced ReactJS framework. 

Large-scale Enterprise Web Apps

ReactJS is component-based architecture, allowing developers to re-use the components. Such a measure allows for reduced maintenance costs. Hence, ReactJS has become an ideal solution for large-scale enterprise web applications. 

Complex User Interfaces

If your web application has an extremely complex user interface requirement, then the component-based architecture of ReactJS comes in handy. ReactJS allows for the reusability of components, so it is also useful for developing complex UI applications. 

Looking to hire a ReactJS Development Team?


By deploying ReactJS development services for web applications, customers can take advantage of the expertise that a ReactJS development company owns. Designing web applications becomes faster and more efficient. You will need custom ReactJS development services to help you customize an interface per your requirements and needs.

Narola Infotech is a ReactJS development company with dedicated ReactJS developers. Our clients have praised us for our skill and high efficiency. If you are looking to make a functional and robust app for your startup that will enthrall your users, feel free to connect with us.

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