January 24, 2022


Rohit Rawat


According to a recent report of 2021, around 3.78 billion people in the world use a social media app. That comes close to almost half of the world’s population. So, it is understandable why so many people want to create a social media app. 

Furthermore, the tremendous success of Instagram has led many people in the path of making an app like Instagram. But there is a huge question that looms over every potential app owner. 

How many of these apps will actually become a success? 

Why do only a few apps become the go-to apps of the majority of people?

If you also want to develop a photo sharing app like Instagram, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss what you should do to not fail while making an Instagram clone app.

How Not to Fail While Making an App Like Instagram

How Not to Fail While Making an App Like Instagram

Doing Market Research and Planning

Before developing any app, it is important to conduct extensive research. The goal of this research and development is to assess the market position of similar apps. Since you want to create an Instagram clone App , you must focus your research on it. 

Study what Instagram offers and how you can improve on it. You must recognize Instagram's limitations and offer a product that covers that.

There is one essential aspect that will make your app a success. It must be able to address an issue. Take the case of Instagram. There was no other app at the time when the Instagram app was released. It allowed users to share and modify images on a single platform. 

Basically, it solved an issue for its users. As a result, it had a million users within two months of its launch. That is one of the advantages of performing thorough and reliable research. You also have to figure out what's lacking in every photo-sharing app. Figure it out, and create your app like Instagram to fill the gaps left by other apps.

Having a USP

Once your market research is complete, you must work to figure out the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your app. You must communicate your goal of creating an Instagram clone app to the development team. 

Make a list of essential features that your app should offer. Live videos, Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, hashtags, and tagging are just a few of the features available. Make a list of these and any additional things you wish to offer your users. 

If you are confused about how to start, the three points mentioned below will get you going.

  • Set a timeframe and a budget. Also, decide on the technologies you'll need to employ during the development process.
  • Start promoting the app even if it's still in the early stages of development. Create a buzz in the market about what's going to happen. Make sure people are aware of what you have to offer.
  • Create ways for receiving feedback from users. Do not make everything that your Instagram clone App has to offer available to them. Create an MVP first and validate your business idea.

Once you do this, you will be able to figure out what users want and what else they would like to see. Experiment with features till you identify what your USP can be and build on it.

Giving a Users a Unique Experience

There are several applications that follow the footsteps of Instagram. Instagram is so simple to use that even a novice user won't have trouble finding the most essential functions. You should also design your photo sharing app to deliver a pleasant and distinctive user experience.

There are several ways to achieve this-

  • There must be ease in switching between screens, posting Instagram stories, uploading posts, messaging, and checking feeds. 
  • You must display the icons in a way that users can identify them easily.
  • The feed of the users should show relevant posts and regular updates must improve this experience.

If you make the app from the perspective of the user, you will be able to give them a unique experience.

Having Usability

The usability of an application is what makes it attain a monopolistic status in the digital world. Instagram started as a photo sharing app and then upgraded to a video-sharing app. Now, it is one of the best platforms for small businesses and artists to spread the word about their products and talent. For some, Instagram is the source of their survival. In fact, it is even giving some of the eCommerce development apps a run for their money.

Instagram's strategy evolved in tandem with the changing interests of its users. It added several new features to the UI. All its new features have their own unique applications and advantages.

You must also keep improving your Instagram clone app and evaluate its usefulness. Upgrading, tweaking, and boosting its performance are all important factors in your app's success. Make sure the changes you make are beneficial to your users. Otherwise, your efforts will turn out to be futile.

In Conclusion

While developing an app like Instagram, it's important to think about every element. There are hundreds of mobile applications available. So, it is critical to creating something unique and appealing. The same principle applies if Facebook clone app development interests you.

Also, don’t worry about the actual development process. Our social media app development company has completed many similar projects. Our developers understand the entire process. So, your app development will be in safe hands. Contact us today to book an appointment with our experts.

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