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“How much does web application development cost?” This is something our clients ask most frequently and expect an exact answer. We’re sure when you clicked on the link to this blog, you expected the same. 

Well, here’s a spoiler. You can only get an estimate of the overall cost of web application development until you consider the project closed. Developing a website/web application can cost you around $4000 to $300000 or even more depending on various other factors.  

Here’s a precise estimation of web app development cost (based on complexity): 

  • Simple web apps: $10000 to $50000 
  • Medium complexity web apps: $50000 to $200000 
  • Complex web apps: $200000 to $350000 or more  

While this is an estimate that most search results and web app development companies share, it’s generic. Additionally, the accuracy of project estimates in the initiation phase ranges from -25% to +75%. And in many cases definitive estimates are likely to be -5% to +10% accurate. 

But we can assure you that at the end of this blog, you’ll be able to calculate an estimated amount that’s closer to the total cost.  

We conducted meetings and discussions with the marketing and sales heads, projects managers, and analysts at Narola Infotech. Our goal was to understand the entire process and come up with ways to get more accurate cost estimates. 

How to Calculate Web Application Development Cost? 

Building a custom website/application is like building a home. From beginning to end, you need to ascertain a lot of aspects to make sure that the product meets your expectations. 

The overall price (as you may know) depends on the size of the land, number of floors in the building, number of rooms, design and interior, materials used, etc. The same goes for custom web application development cost.  

We have listed down all the important factors that contribute to the overall web app development cost.   

factors that determine web app development cost

Design & User-Experience 

When calculating the overall cost of building a house, its design, the number of bedrooms, and other spaces and their design style plays a major role. Similarly for web applications, design and expected user experience is one of the important factors that affect the overall cost of development. 

The look and feel of the web application and functions it would perform for the users determine its development roadmap and requirements. Thus, for a clear and accurate cost estimate, you need to know the design requirements and expected functions/user-experience for your website/web app. 

Relax. You don’t have to do it alone. A reliable development partner and their design team will help you get through this. 

Development Time  

Irrespective of other elements, development time is the key aspect that increases or reduces the overall cost of web app development. But how do you know how much time is needed to fully develop and launch your web application? 

There are two main factors that can tell us the expected development time:  

1. Project Complexity 

Clearly, more complicated projects are likely to take more time for completion as they have a greater scope of work. The complexity of a development project is based on the size of the application (number of concurrent users), features and functionalities, performance requirements, and future plans for scaling. 

  • Functionalities and Features: Based on your business goals, the web application you build should have all the necessary features and functionalities for the users. The number and type of functionalities and features impacts the time required for coding and testing, eventually affecting the overall cost. 
  • Number of Concurrent Users: Smooth functioning of a web application requires suitable web servers and hosting. Based on the expected number of concurrent users the development team would suggest you web hosting preferences.  
  • Performance & Scaling: There is ample possibility that your business would grow in the future and you’ll have more visitors on your website. Maybe you have plans for scaling your business further with more services. All these factors should be considered to make sure that the web application is built in a way that makes it easily scalable accordingly. This may contribute to a few more hours or days of web application development process. 

2. Technology Stacks And Frameworks Used 

The development frameworks and technology stack you choose for your web apps significantly impact the development time. There are simple and equally complex programming languages that have specific use cases. And then there are frameworks that offer tools, features, and ready-made elements that make it easier to give life to a functional application.  

For example, JavaScript libraries offer ready-to-use elements that can be used for application development. This reduces development time as developers don’t have to write the entire code. Most of these elements are customizable therefore, with a little changes, your custom requirements can be fulfilled.  

Team Composition  

The size and composition of the development team is yet another important factor that affects web application development cost. Again, there are detailed aspects to hiring developers or a development team that ascertain the pricing models.  

1. Onsite Or Offshore Or a Hybrid Team  

The overall cost of web app development can significantly vary based on the hiring options you choose. You can hire onsite developers or a dedicated team to work on your project. This would give you enough control over the project. However, it will also require onsite resources like infrastructure, management, salaries, and more which generally leads to a spike in the cost. 

Offshore hiring is something we promote the most. It lets you find reliable developers from different parts of the world. Offshore development companies offer full-fledged services from research and design to development, testing, and launch. Outsourcing projects to appropriate locations can save up to 50% hiring costs.   

If you wish to take benefits from both onsite and offshore hiring options you may go for a hybrid team. This is a reliable solution if you have an onsite development team and want to bridge the necessary skill gaps. 

2. Expertise 

Onboarding developers for your project takes deeper research. Expertise is something that determines the reliability of a development team for your project. It’s also an important factor that affects web application development cost. Here, expertise is of two types: 

  • Technical Expertise: It refers to the experience and skills of using different programming languages (JavaScript, Python, .NET, etc)and frameworks (React.JS, Node.JS, Flutter, etc)for application development.  
  • Domain Expertise: Developers should also have the experience of developing web applications for specific industries. For example if you want to build a web app for your healthcare startup, you will have to seek developers or development teams with equivalent expertise.  
web app development cost CTA 1

Third-Party Integrations  

The lesser the development time the lower the web development cost will be. Using third-party integrations within your web application, helps cut-down the development time and a lot of hassle. Third-party integrations are generally used for online payments, geolocation, authorization and access, security, content publications, etc. 

However, there are several factors with third-party integrations that can have an impact on the development time and eventually the cost of development.  

1. Availability of API Documentation 

Integrating third-party application features into your web app requires API documentation. Generally, developers already have the required API documentation and may need to wait only for an approval from the theirs-party. However, in case of discrepancies, this may take a little longer.  

2. Support of Third-Party Service 

Applications and platforms (iOS and Android) keep updating their clauses and regulations. This might cause a delay in the third-party approval for integration. In such cases developers require a few days to contact the respective platforms for support so that they can proceed to the next steps. 

Testing And Quality Assurance  

Before launching the application, testing and quality assurance is a must. Different components of the web application require different types of testing. For flawless performance your web app should be free of bugs and errors. Testing requirements and quality assurance services are also key considerations for estimating web app development cost. However, these requirements vary according to code quality and bugs.  

Post-Development Maintenance and Support 

While many clients think that the work is done when the application is launched, there’s still a lot to care for. The smooth functioning of a web application requires constant maintenance, upgrades, and support from the development team. Signing up for these services would add-on to the custom web application development cost. 

Summing up the approximate cost of these aspects will help you get an estimate for the total custom web application development cost. 

How Much Does Each Phase of Web App Development Cost?  

The above section explains how different aspects play an important role in calculating web application development cost. However, if you were seeking numbers, the below table demonstrates the approximate cost of each phase of web application development. 

cost of web app development

Tips to Cut-Down Web Application Development Cost 

Web app development is a significant investment for your business’ success. Here are a few tips to make sure that you meet business goals and cut-down development costs at the same time. 

Tips to reduce web app development cost

Identify Target Audience  

There’s no point in developing a web application if it fails to fulfill business objectives and offer the right services to the users. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your target audience/users and their pain points before planning an application.  

Based on the target audience’s requirements list down the most necessary features and functionalities and a design that suits the best. Discuss the same with your development partner and work on executing it. This will save up a lot of unnecessary confusion and cost.  

web app development cost CTA 2

Build an MVP 

When you’re trying to lower cost and maximize the utility of your web application, building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a good option. Identify the most important functionalities and features that contribute to a user-friendly digital solution. Then build an excellently working web application with help of a reliable development team. This will bring you great results from your investment. You can later scale the application by attracting sponsors, investors, or via other funding options. 

Get Relevant Third-Party Integrations  

Third-party integrations significantly reduce development time and save up major costs. When you have ready-made integrations available, why waste time and resources on developing them from scratch? 

Look out for relevant third-party services and integrations to build a feature-rich web app for your business. This will help you get great applications at comparatively lower costs.  

Build a Web Application With Us 

Calculating the exact web application development cost without knowing relevant requirements can get tricky. We hope this blog helps you understand the various factors that determine overall development costs. Moreover, discussing your project requirements with your development partner will give them a better insight into it. With in-depth research, the team can tell you the estimated costs. 

Narola Infotech is always ready to offer premium web application development services that support your brand goals and vision. Want to build a remarkable web application that garners success? 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When developing a full-fledged web app from scratch, the process includes the following stages/phases: 

Research and market analysis 

  • Design phase 
  • Finalizing functionalities and features 
  • Front-end and backend development (coding) 
  • Adding content to all sections 
  • Testing and quality assurance 
  • Post-launch support & maintenance  

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