January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


It is not necessary to know how to code to make money with apps. You can make money by simply downloading some applications. Some of the best mobile applications to make money will pay you through PayPal. Some apps will offer you points or rewards to redeem for gift certificates or airline miles.

These quick ways to earn money won’t completely replace your income, but they will definitely make an impact and help earn money at home. You can download these apps on iPhone or Android for free, without any fees to get started.

1. Pact:

It is the most unusual money-making app. It focuses on getting you to stick to your exercise regime. You can set goals and earn money by sticking to those goals. When you join Pact, you will be asked to make a weekly commitment to eating better or exercising more.

Next, you’ll be asked to pledge an amount that you’ll pay to another pact member if you miss your goals. This app also has tools to track your meals, workouts, and overall progress. Pact incentivizes health and is a great way of prioritizing wellness while making money.

2. Google Opinion Rewards:

Also, known as Google Surveys, you can make money by answering survey questions on your smartphone. All you need to do is answer some questions and you’ll earn about 10 cents to a dollar. Once you’ve installed the app, it’ll pop up a survey every now and again. In exchange for answering some questions, you’ll earn some rewards. There are very few questions and the rewards are mentioned for each survey. The rewards will be added to your Google Play balance, which you can use to buy movies, books, games, or anything else.

3. Gigwalk:

It is an amazing money-making app. You don’t need to buy anything to earn money. It can help you find a side gig to help you earn some extra bucks. It has a flexible work schedule, you can take a job of your interest. Gigwalk links you to your PayPal account, so after the completion of your job, the money is sent directly to your account. You can earn from $3 to $100 or more.

4. Foap:

A well-known app to turn your photos into cash. You just need to upload the photos and sell them through the Foap market, and to keep things simple, each shot costs $10 to buy. You can access 2 million photographers from over 100 countries. The creators get half of each sale, and the cash that you earned can be transferred to your bank account. Foap is simple and attractive. It has the ability to upload photos directly from your phone and also from other photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Flickr.

5. TaskRabbit:

With the TaskRabbit app or website, you can earn money by using your skills. TaskRabbit notifies you of the potential jobs. You can select the job of your choice and exchange details with the client. After the completion of the work, you can send your client the invoice. Remote TaskRabbit jobs that you can work from home include computer help, Research, web design and development, data entry, graphic design or personal assistant, and many more.

So if you’re looking to save for a trip or get rewarded for your daily activities or want to make some extra money for taking high-quality photos, just start using these money-making apps soon.

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