January 17, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


Machine learning (ML), a type of artificial intelligence (AI) enables software to predict outcomes. An ability like this is highly valuable in a social networking app like Instagram.  

Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Instagram

Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Instagram like app Investors looking to develop an Instagram clone can utilize machine learning. This technology appears to be the best way to overcome a few problems you will encounter. Tackling these issues will help give your app’s users a better user experience.     Here are a few applications of ML and AI in Instagram.

Eliminating Spam

Constant spam messages and comments plague app like Instagram. Spam depreciates a post’s value and can easily lower your app’s reputation. To avoid this reality you must tackle spam head-on.  Luckily, it is possible to use a spam filter that detects and eliminates spam messages. These spam messages occur in many languages, the most common being Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and English. Using the artificial intelligence algorithm DeepText, Instagram can read and process text the same way a human can. This proves an efficient way by which text can be processed to eliminate spam without expending too many resources.

Preventing Cyberbullying and Deleting Offensive Content

Cyberbullying has become a prominent worry for people using social media. Compared to other social media apps, Cyberbullies tend to prefer Instagram. This has something to do with the fact that they receive sheltering to an extent. It is especially troubling since the bullies get off scot-free thanks to anonymity. This only stimulates more people to cyberbully and since the internet is a gigantic space, the effects only amplify.  You must be wondering how machine learning comes into use here.   It starts with actual people reviewing Instagram posts and tagging them as offensive. This helps DeepText identify what is permissible and what isn’t. After this, machine learning algorithms take over and sort posts based on examples given to them.   

Enhancing The User Experience

Machine learning was put to the test when Instagram changed its feed algorithms. Based on what users were looking at, Instagram needed something to predict the right content for the right people. That something happened to be machine learning.  The machine learning software sorts through the information and is compiled. From this data, your Instagram clone app can give each user a valued personalized feed.   Without such advanced technology, customizing content for each user would not be possible!

Targeted Advertising

For any social networking app, assessing and collecting information about what users want is vital to success. Data like this dictates what content your Instagram app users want to see. But it also paints a broader picture around social media platforms. A company would naturally be interested in advertising on a social media platform. This is because such apps have millions of users. They provide the fastest way to reach the largest audience in the shortest time. 

Studying Human Socializing Patterns

If you come to look at machine learning and its capabilities, there is nothing that you cannot study using it. When you combine ML with big data and artificial intelligence, it is possible to study human behavior and social tendencies. 


Machine learning can definitely play a leading role in your Instagram clone app development. Besides helping to moderate and eliminate spam and cyberbullying, it also works towards bettering the app. Applying machine learning to your app helps to enhance the user experience by providing content that is most appropriate based on a user’s requirement.

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