February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


Everyone likes to relish quick results. Especially when it is about SEO so that they can earn the best position in the quickest time possible. There are many organizations thinking about unrealistic results as and when they start designing their SEO strategy. But it needs a lot of effort and time for better outcomes!

SEO Tactics

Most companies used to follow the SEO strategy of acknowledging the business-related keywords which captured the most traffic and were not competitive at all. You will figure out the respective 5-10 keywords and continuously focus on them to bring the majority of website traffic. The companies used to state about being in the number of one position as per the specific keywords need.

This strategy is completely wrong because it is not possible for a single phrase keyword to drive so much traffic when compared with the long tail ones. If you are focusing on the small tail keywords, your business will not be found on most of the searching results.

Why so?

Today, you will see SEO more followed with the use of natural languages. The people are more focused on normal queries rather than opting for keyword phrases. The reason behind this is the use of applications like Siri or Google Now. With this, the people and speak and search according to their needs. This means people are putting more detail in the search to look for quick results. And thus, long-tail keywords are easier to rank because they are not competitive at all!

The long-tail keywords have more input and thus, enhance the web traffic big time. It will surely come up with more search results than your regular keywords. So, it becomes important for one to understand that rather than focusing on a few top phrases of keywords it is important to count natural language for their speedy results.

How Much The Ranking Matter?

They matter but they are not the entire analysis you must be concentrating upon. Gaining better rankings does not mean achieving SEO results. Getting higher rankings is easy and satisfying but there is more to do in terms of achieving better SEO results. So, it becomes important for you to hire a professional SEO company that can take complete responsibility for your online marketing needs.

The Most Important Question

As the SEO algorithms have been updated, you might be thinking about how much time does it take to help with better results rather than just rankings. So, you must be asking your SEO professional, “ How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working?”.

The most appropriate answer has to be “it depends”! it is quite annoying but another thing that pops in mind is what does it depend upon? From your website presence to how much SEO work has been processed everything is counted to deliver the best of results. Every website is different and it needs a different SEO approach to get the best of results. Below is a general scenario of your SEO efforts and the acknowledged results, take a look:

  • Month 1:- Generally the first month will focus upon discovery and research, keyword strategy, website audit, and more of strategizing. If this gets done quickly, then technical changes on the website will be made.
  • Month 2:- As stated above, after the planning and research work has been done, professionals will begin with technical work like website development and designing according to SEO needs. With this content and link, profile building can also be executed.
  • Month 3:- After all the changes have been made, the next step is to start working on content development. From blogging, whitepapers, to article writing and framing FAQs, everything needs to be considered in full flow. With this, you will start seeing the jump in rankings by month’s end.
  • Month 4:- Carrying on with the content development and technical optimization of your business website. You can expect an increase in rankings and also better conversion rates to lead generation ratio. This will give you an idea that your SEO strategy is working.
  • Month 5:- You must have started with social media management services and used your content accordingly. This will help you increase direct traffic to your online existence. It can help in generating leads at a brisk pace. You must carry one with content development and also get engaged in some PR.
  • Month 6:- If your website traffic has crossed 5,000 visitors a month then you can earn more from infusing conversion rate optimization which can enhance conversion rates big time. Content development and promotional solutions have to be constant this month also to acknowledge the results at an even more quick pace.

According to Forbes.com, there are many SEO services providers stating that it takes more than 4 to 6 months when you start experiencing results from different SEO solutions. But it is important you maintain the good work done and then experience the growth on regular basis.

Time SEO Take To Produce Outcomes

As per the above-stated discussion, it is quite clear that it takes a lot of effort and consistency to produce good results in a quick time period. But before that, it needs good analysis and research work which can help one strategize about the whole procedure. Appropriate execution of the different strategies will surely help one experience the results in quick time and that too with the right numbers. Narola Infotech has been helping businesses with the right SEO services with which they are experiencing results in quick time with complete efficiency.

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