February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


At the point when Apple reported its Phone 6 models, the 1GB RAM turned into a fool, given that many adversary Android smartphones pack in around 2GB to 3GB RAM. Ever asked why Apple hasn’t gone past 1GB RAM, while OEMs continue expanding the RAM stuffed into Android gadget to build effectiveness?

With Android, the logic is that the higher the RAM, the better the gadget’s ability at dealing with apps and administrations. Be that as it may, we don’t see a laggy performance with the new iPhones even with 1GB of RAM. Despite what might be expected, it has even demonstrated better performance than some other Android devices with 2GB RAM or more. For the inquisitive ones, the puzzle is tackled.

It is also noticeable that iOS devices beat Android devices with even twofold the RAM, basically on the grounds that Android utilizes Java and needs all the extra RAM for something known as ‘garbage collection’.

Garbage collection clarified!

The above outline by Williams demonstrates garbage gatherers can be incredibly quick with four to eight circumstances the free space, however memory imperative can confine the performance.

Garbage collection is fundamentally a procedure that begins reusing memory once an Android app is shut. Be that as it may, it requires just about four to eight circumstances the memory you are really utilizing to complete this employment rapidly. On the off chance that there is sufficient memory, the gadget will go over super-quick, however in the event that numerous apps are running in the meantime, the procedure backs off and in the end your gadget performs slower.

As it were, you require four to eight circumstances more memory than you are really utilizing to be super effective, and that is the reason Android devices perform better with more RAM. Then again, Apple’s iOS doesn’t require these garbage authorities thus the devices figure out how to execute and in addition or shockingly better than Android devices running at least 2gb RAM.


As you have seen iPhone devices even with less Ram performs better, its developed ios apps as well increases users usability.

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